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Chinaflocs flocculant powders include cationic flocculant(polyacrylamide,PAM),anionic flocculant(polyacrylamide,PAM)and nonionic polyacrylamide(polyacrylamide,PAM),used for water treatment;oilfield,mineral processing ,papermaking and other application areas.

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Anionic flocculant supplier|cationic flocculant manufacturer|nonionic flocculant producer
flocculant, abbr. flocculant, is a kind of water soluble polymer, has unique effect to increase the viscosity of water or to promote the flocculation of particles present in water, it can also reduce the frictional resistance between the li...
cationic flocculant of Chinafloc C2012 can be used for tannery wastewater treatment
tannery wastewater contains high organic load and heavy metals ,Cationic flocculant of Chinafloc A2012 can be used for this application with good performance.
Cationic flocculant emulsion of EM3012 used for wastewater treatment
Chinafloc can supply various cationic flocculant emulsion with different cationicity and molecular weight.can be used for wastewater treament and sludge dewatering.
Cationic flocculant used for sludge dewatering(Chinafloc C7512)
As a flocculant,Cationic flocculant is a kind of water-soluble polyelectrolyte, which is nontoxic, tasteless, soluble in water easily and insoluble in organic solvents, such as ethanol and acetone. The molecular chain is flexible, relative ...
anionic flocculant of Magnafloc 919 can be replaced by Chinafloc A2520
anionic flocculant of Magnafloc 919 can be replaced by Chinafloc A2520

Magnafloc 9191 is a kind of anionic flocculant with ultra high molecular weight whicn can be in a wide variety of mineral processing operation including:

1.coal ta...
Cationic flocculant of Magnafloc LT20(25,27)can be replaced by Chinafloc Cseries
Magnafloc LT20,Magnafloc LT25,Magnafloc LT27 are three cationic flocculant with different charge for drining water treatment.they are three potable grades of flocculant.the residual of acrylamide monomer is below 0.05%.
Anionic flocculant of  8565 can be replaced by Chinafloc A2017
superfloc 8565 is a kind of anionic flocculant with medium charge and high molecular weight from Kemira ,Chinafloc A2017 can replace of this models totally with good performance and moderate price.
Cationic flocculant Zetag 8125(zetag 8165,zetag 8110) can be replaced by Chinafloc C seris
Zetag 8125 is a kind of cationic flocculant with 20 degree of ion mainly used for municial wastewater treatment or some industrial wastewater treatment

Zetag 8110 is a kind of cationic flocculant with 10 degree of ion mainly used for mu...
Nonionic flocculant(N0510) used for nickel mining
N0510 is a kind of nonionic flocculant with lower hydrolysis degree and 8-12million ,mainly used for nickel and other minings.

and we can supply another nonionic flocculant with AMPS which can resistant salt and hig temperature.
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