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Chinaflocs flocculant powders include cationic flocculant(polyacrylamide,PAM),anionic flocculant(polyacrylamide,PAM)and nonionic polyacrylamide(polyacrylamide,PAM),used for water treatment;oilfield,mineral processing ,papermaking and other application areas.

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Anionic flocculant of AN 934  VHM AN 923 SH AN 923 VHM can be replaced by Chinafloc
An934 VHM is a kind of anionic flocculant with 30% charge and ultra high molecular weight.

An923SH is a kind of Anionic flocculant with 20% chagre and very very high molecular weight

An923 VHM is a kind of anionic flocculant with 20% ...
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Anionic flocculant of Superfloc A130(HMW)can be replaced by Chinafloc A2015 and A2520
Superfloc A130 is a kind of anionic flocculant with medium hydrolysis degree and medium molecular weight mainly used for mineral processing.and superfloc A130 HMW is a kind of anionic flocculant with medium hydrolys degree and high molecula...
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1.used for drilling fluid additives.
2.used for oil flooding
3.can be used for drilling mud additives
4.it can be used for water shutoff regulator
5.used for fracturing fluid additives
Cationic flocculant of Zetag 4105 can be replced by Chinafloc C1012
Zetag 4105 is a kind of cationic flocculant with 10% degree of ion and high molecular weight.mainly used for municipal wastewater treatment.

Chinafloc C1012 is the equivalent model which can replace of Zetag 4105 totally with lower price...
Anionic flocculant of Superfloc A120 HMW can be replaced by Chinafloc A1216
Superfloc A120 HMW is a kind of anionic flocculant with medium hydrolysis degree and high molecular weight can be used for wastewter treatment and mining processing.
Fo 4240(4290,4350,4400,4650,4800)of cationic flocculant can be replaced by Chinafloc C series
Fo 4240(4290,4350,4400,4650,4800)of cationic flocculant are from SNF company,Chinafloc series of cationic flocculant like chinafloc c0510.Chinafloc C1312.Chinafloc C3012 ,Chinafloc C4008......Chinafloc C8008can replace of them totally with ...
Anionic flocculant of OPTIMER 9901 can be replaced by Chinafloc A3517
OPTIMER 9901 is a kind of anionic flocculant with medium hydrolysis degree and high molecualr witht ,it maybe used as a flocculant in the clarification of beet sugar juice and or liquor or corn starch hydrolyzate in an amount not to exceed ...
Cationic flocculant of superfloc 8392,8394,8398 can be substituted by Chinafloc C1012,C2012,C5008
superfloc 8392,superfloc 8394 and superfloc 8398 is three cationic flocculants with 10% and 20% and 50% degree of ion can be used for municipal wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering.chinafloc C1012 and Chinafloc C2012 and Chinafloc C5...
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