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waste water chemical-Polyacrylamide
2015-02-10 09:21:02

The water treatment agent is the necessary chemical agent in the treatment processing of the industrial waste water, the domestic waste water and sewage etc., by using these agents, the treated water can reach a certain water quality requirements. The main function of the water treatment agent is to control the formation of the water scale and the sludge, to reduce the foam, to reduce the material corrosion from the contact with the water, to remove the suspending solids and the toxic substances in the water, to achieve the deodorization and the decolorization effect and to soften the water etc. At present the demand on the water supply is increased dramatically around the world, while at the same time a variety of environmental regulations (the laws for the water purification and clarification) have been brought into effect more and more strictly, therefore, the demand for all kinds of efficient water treatment agents is growing very quickly. In our country, there is the contradiction between the increasing severe water shortage crisis and the very low production capacity ofthe water treatment agent, the quality of the water treatment agent can not be guaranteed, thereby, it is very urgent to speed up the development of the water treatment agent industry in China.

The coal industry, coal washing waste water, water slurry preparation plant, coal-fired power plants are ground flush wastewater mixture of water and fine coal, its main feature is the high turbidity, fine solids particle size, solid particle surface more negative charge, the same charge repulsion between these particles remains dispersed state in water, is affected by gravity and Brownian motion; the interaction Slurry interface between the solid particles (such as adsorption, dissolution, compounds, etc.), so that washing wastewater nature rather complex, not only the nature of the suspension, but also has the property colloid. For the above reasons, the washing waste water is difficult to clarify the nature, and the supernatant after precipitation of such waste water is still suspended solids with a large number of black slime, etc. liquid containing coal preparation process of various additives and heavy metals and other harmful substances. not a lot of coal washing wastewater discharge standards, resulting in water pollution, river blockage, slime loss to the country caused great economic losses, but also the coal industry makes more scarce water resources, severely restricts the development of coal production. Therefore, the development of new technologies and efficient coal washing waste water treatment, new technology has important significance, coal washing waste paper for the study, application agglomerate agglomeration technique, experiment conducted a feasibility study room washing wastewater treatment efficiency.

In the wastewater pretreatment should be how to choose (anionic, cationicpolyacrylamide)

The synthesis process of physical properties of PAM: PAM polyacrylamide byacrylonitrile and water in skeletal copper catalyst under the action of direct reaction of polyacrylamide by ion exchange polymerization drying, and other processes to obtain the product, technology introduction as follows: Catalyst:catalytic hydration of CH2=CHCN+H2O wet degree CH2=CHCONH2nCH2=CHCONH2- polymerization initiator -CH2CHCONH2

Polyacrylamide industrial use: polyacrylamide (PAM) with high molecular weight,good water solubility, molecular weight and can be adjusted, the introduction of various ionic groups in order to obtain a specific performance. Low molecular weight is dispersed material effective thickener or stabilizer, high molecular weight flocculant is important, it can produce hydrophilic and water insoluble gel,which for many groups of surface dissolved material has good adhesion. Due to the above properties of PAM are widely used in flocculation and thickening, drag reduction, quasi glue, adhesive, scale and other fields.

Anionic polyacrylamide according to different uses and users of the product performance requirements, can choose to use different molecular weight.

In the industrial wastewater treatment, especially for the suspended particles,coarse, high concentration, particle with positive charge, water pH value is neutral work alkaline sewage such as iron and steel plant wastewater,electroplating factory waste water, metallurgy wastewater, coal washing wastewater and sewage treatment effect is very good. In drinking water treatment. A lot of water plant of our country water from river river less and mineral content high, compare the turbidity, although after precipitationtreatment, but is still not up to the requirements, needs adding flocculant, canmake the water clear, a lot of water plant using inorganic flocculants, but adding capacity, causing sludge volume increases the effect is not good, use anionic polyacrylamideflocculant, dosage is one of the 50 inorganic flocculation effect but is inorganic flocculant several to several dozen times, especially my company production of polyacrylamide, residual monomer has reached the food grade(less than 0.05%), close to the advanced level, non-toxic, for the treatment of drinking water is more suitable for organic. Pollution serious river and anionicpolyacrylamide with better effect to use. Recovery of polyacrylamide used as loss of starch and starch and alcohol lees factory the. Now a lot of starch factorywastewater discharged in starch is very high, after discharging, affect the environment, waste of resources, the addition of PAM, so that starch sedimentation, sediment by filter press into cake class can be used as feed,distiller's grains large quantities of alcohol factory is used in this process, a Heilongjiang alcohol plant is polyacrylamide flocculants, of distiller's grainsrecycling and achieved great economic benefit. Polyacrylamide is used as ablocking agent for profile control and water plugging in oilfield, three oil displacing agent. Polyacrylamide is used as papermaking additives, PAM use in paper making is very wide, can be used as a long fiber papermaking dispersant, dry and wet strengthening agent, retention, filter aid and papermaking wastewater etc.