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super absorbent polymer SAP polyacrylamide
2015-10-21 09:37:58

Super Absorbent Polymer is a water-swollen high molecular polymer containing strong hydrophilic plymer groups, such as carboxyl and so on and certain degree of cross linking. It does not dissolve in water or organic solvent. With unique water absorbency and wtaer retention, SAP possessed all the advantages of high molecular materials.


Therefor, it has wide range of uses and great promise. Up to now, it has mainly been used in hygienic products(such as sanitary napkins and diapers, ects.) and other areas: soil water retaining agent in agriculture, cable and sandbag, ects.

Main application

A. Super Absorbent Polymer for baby diaper/adult diaper

B. Super Absorbent Polymer for sanitary napkin

C. Super Absorbent Polymer for nursing pad

D. Super Absorbent Polymer for agriculture

E. Super Absorbent Polymer for cable drag strip/cable water ointment

F. Super Absorbent Polymer for absorbing water inflation bag



It should be stored in draughty, dry place which avoid moisture, drenching.