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Drag reducing agent used for crude oil pipeline
2023-02-17 09:56:25

Drag reducing agent used for crude oil pipeline 


1. Introduction
Chemicals used to reduce fluid flow resistance are called drag reducing agent, or DRA for short. Drag reducer is widely used in the pipeline transportation of crude oil and refined oil, which can reduce the flow resistance by restraining the turbulent degree of oil in the flow, effectively increase the pipeline throughput, reduce the pipeline pressure, save energy and improve the safety factor of pipeline operation. When the capacity or pressure of the pipeline reaches the limit for some reason, the difficulty of oil transportation can be alleviated by increasing the pump station or pump power. However, this method has a large investment and a long cycle. When the situation is complicated, it is difficult to predict whether the investment can be recovered. On the contrary, it is much more convenient to use drag reducer. We only need to connect the injection equipment to the pipeline. The installation time is not long, but the effect is quick. If drag reducer is no longer needed for pipeline transportation, the equipment can be removed at any time, and the investment in fixed assets is very small. Therefore, the use of drag reducer can change the pipeline from "rigid" to "elastic". DRA-2023 drag reducer is a viscoelastic poly alpha-olefin polymer dispersion system. After it is injected into oil pipelines in proportion, its excellent drag reduction performance can quickly reduce fluid resistance, increase flow rate, reduce energy consumption, and have no adverse effects on downstream users. The performance of the product is equivalent to that of imported similar products, and the economic benefit is remarkable.
2. Scope of application
Crude oil, refined oil
3. Usage
DRA-2023 drag reducer is a kind of ultra-high molecular weight polymer of long-chain olefin, which will break the chain under high shear condition, and the molecular weight will decrease rapidly, thus losing the effect of drag reducer. Therefore, drag reducer must be filled after the oil pump, and the filling amount should be determined according to the pipeline conditions, pipeline operation parameters and expected drag reduction targets. The recommended concentration is 5~200PPM.

4. Product performance indicators





Test Result


physical condition


White milky liquid

White milky liquid


Solid content(%)




Density /g/cm3




Flash point/℃≮




Viscosity/MPa. s (25℃) Ⅴ




Condensation point/℃≯




Drag reduction rate/%≮(20%  ml/l)



5. Packaging, transportation and storage

The drag reducer is packed in international standard plastic tons, 1m3/ barrel; It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight during transportation, and it is not easy to stack in the open air, and the number of stacked layers is not easy to exceed two. The storage environment temperature should be -35℃~40℃, and the storage area should be ventilated and dry.

6, matters needing attention

This product is flammable in case of open flame or strong oxidant, but it is non-toxic. If the operator is contaminated, it can be washed with clean water.