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polymer Cationic polyacrylamide msds
2015-12-16 09:45:56

                                                Physical form                          Off-white granular powder

                                                Particle size                                   98 % <850 μm

                                                Molecular Weight                          15-16 million

                                                Hydrolysis Degree                        20-23 %

                                                PH of 1% solution at 25 °C          4-9

                                                Viscosity at 25 °C                         See solution viscosity date

Cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) appearance is white powder, molecular weight from 8 million to 15 million.Ion of from 20% to 55% water solubility is good, can be in any cases of dissolving in water and insoluble in organic solvents.Effective PH range is 1 to 14, show the characteristics of high polymer electrolyte, applicable to the negatively charged and rich in organic wastewater treatment.
Cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) is a linear polymer compound, because it has many active groups, with many substances affinity and adsorption can be formed hydrogen bonds.Mainly flocculation negatively charged colloid, except the turbidity, decoloring, adsorption, adhesion, and other functions, suitable for dyeing, papermaking, food, building, metallurgy, mineral processing, coal, oil field, aquatic products processing and fermentation industries such as waste water treatment of organic colloid content is higher, especially suitable for urban sewage, urban sewage sludge, sludge and other industrial sludge dewatering treatment.


Chinafloc C2012 is supplied in 25 kg nett plastic bags shrinkwrapped onto a pallet suitable for export shipment. The product can also be supplied via intermediate big bags or bulk tanker. Specific details of bag and tanker sizescan be obtained on request. Corrosivity towards most standard materials of construction is low, butaluminium and galvanised equipment should be avoided.

Sludge dewatering: according to the nature of dirt can choose corresponding grades of this product, can be effective in gravity sludge dewatering sludge into the filter before. Dehydration, produce floccules, non-stick filter cloth, at the time of pressure filtration diaspora, less dosage of dehydration with high efficiency, mud cake moisture content is below 80%.
Sewage and organic waste water processing: the product in acidic or alkaline medium is electropositive, so that the suspended particles in wastewater with negatively charged sewage flocculation precipitation, clarification is very effective, such as alcohol plant waste water, brewery wastewater and gourmet powder factory wastewater, sugar refinery wastewater, meat food factory waste water, beverage factory waste water, textile dyeing wastewater, etc., with cationic polyacrylamide than with anionic polyacrylamide and nonionic polyacrylamide or inorganic salt effect is several times or tens times higher, because this kind of wastewater with negatively charged.
Water plant water treatment flocculant: the product has the advantages of low dosage, the effect is good,
Cost low characteristic, especially and inorganic flocculant compound with use effect is better.
Oilfield chemicals, such as clay expansion agent, oil field acidizing with thickener is tasted, etc.
Papermaking additives: cationic PA paper strengthening agent is a kind of water-soluble cationic polymer containing amino formyl, increased, retention, leaching, and other functions, can effectively improve the strength of the paper.At the same time the product is also a kind of efficient dispersant.
Packing and storage: this product is non-toxic, note moistureproof, waterproof, prevent sun exposure.
Storage period: 2 years, 25 kg paper bag lined with plastic sheets of plastic coated kraft paper bags).