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polyacrylamide in Food Industry and Sugar Manufacturing
2015-08-04 08:46:20

Polyacrylamide as the flocculant could be used for the treatment of the washing water in the cleaning on all sorts of meat, fruit and vegetable etc, and for the clarifying of the ratafee and beer etc.

In the sugar manufacturing, the clarifying processing needs a flocculant with better performance, it is important to determine a suitable type and a suitable configured specification. The Polyacrylamide with the hydrolysis degree at 25% ~ 30% is more suitable for the sugar manufacturing. Along with the advanced sugar cane juice refining technics, the high efficient Polyacrylamide working as the flocculant can remove the maximum non sugar substances and consequently promote the quality of the pure juice. Besides, it can also help to reduce the fouling formation in the manufacturing equipment.

At the moment, the appreciative sugar manufacturing Polyacrylamide has the relative molecular weight 200 x 104 with the dosage at 2mg/L, it could improve the sedimentation rate by 20 times. 

With the use of the anionic polyacrylamide with the suitable molecular weight, the wastewater could be clarified promptly and efficiently.

The traditional treatment method is to use the lime with the anionic polyacrylamide, but its shortcoming is that the lime may have some impact on the effect of the anionic polyacrylamide.

Now, we usually use the Solution One, that is to use the coagulant with the organic flocculant which can achieve very distinct effect on the wastewater treatment.

According to the density of the suspending impurities in the coal washing wastewater along with the properties of the coal, the molecular weight of the anionic polyacrylamide could be selected from the value between 1,000 x 104 and 2,000 x 104, which will achieve the better treatment effect.