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polyacrylamide copolymer Oilfield Chemicals
2015-02-04 10:05:21

This product is a trpe of ultra-high molecular polyacrylamide specifically produced for oilfield polymer flooding process(EOR)by adopting a new technology.highest molecular weight goes uo tp 25million,moderate hydrolysis,high viscosity and fine solubility.         

Oilfield displacement agent.when the oilfield cones into tertiary recovery period,single waterflodding oil displacement method,since its flow rate is higher than that of the underground crude oil it drives,will greatly reduce its spreading efficiency and increase water consumption,and greatly increase the water content of the crude oil collected.in addition,nonuniformity of oil pool’s geology will also reduce the spreading efficiency.for special oil layer of positive rhythm deposition.upper thick and lower thin,lower part permeability higher than the upper part.when displacing oil by single waterflooding,it usually spreads along the bottom,while leaving large amount of crude oil in the upper part the oil layer undisplaced,using polyacrylamide which can increase the viscosity of water in stead of single waterflooding will help to improve the spreading efficiency and reduce water content of crude oil,increase oil production.our company’s partial hydrolysis polyacrylamide fully meets up with requirements of oilfield’s tertiary recovery(EOR)users can select to use according to different characters of different oilfield such as formation temperature,mineralization,viscosity of polymer solution injected and etc.

It is the white powder with the molecular weight from 5 million  to 20 million

The CPAM with the icon degree from 20% to 80% has good water solubility, and it can be dissolved in

 the water by the arbitrary proportion but not the organic solvent. Besides, it has the characteristics of 

high-polymer electrolyte, and it can be applied in the treatment of waste water rich in organics with 

negative charge.