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how does polyacrylamide works in water treatment
2016-03-28 14:21:57
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Three reasons make polyacrylamide play an irreplaceable role in water treatment:
1, adsorption bridging: PAM molecular chains immobilized on the surface of different particles, forming bridges between the polymer particles, the particles form aggregates of settlement.
2, surface adsorption: various adsorption of polar groups on the particles of the PAM molecules.
3, enhancement: PAM molecular chain and scattered through a variety of mechanical, physical, chemical and other effects, the dispersed phase implicated together to form a network, so that enhancement.
These principles are the role of polyacrylamide flocculant can exhibit excellent treatment effects the most fundamental reason.
PAM is polyacrylamide polymer flocculant has a very short, commonly used in the sludge dewatering, sewage flocculation, bleaching, turbidity, filter aids, thickening and other purposes. PAM flocculant molecular weight between 5 million -2500 million and is divided into three common models cationic, anionic, nonionic and the like. Many customers have experienced added polyacrylamide flocculation when poorly performing sewage treatment, the impact of today we simply talk about the next PAM flocculation What are the reasons.
PAM flocculant most commonly used in sewage treatment, adding a small amount of wastewater polyacrylamide solution may exhibit flocculation powerful features, but sometimes poor flocculation effect, the basic reason for this can be divided into three categories:
A, PAM choose the wrong type, cationic polyacrylamide suitable as highly toxic sewage flocculation, flocculation treatment of sewage containing organic matter and organic sludge dewatering process. Anionic PAM is suitable for large suspended solids, turbidity is high, with a positive charge flocculation sewage treatment, non-ionic polyacrylamide Because without active amido side chain ionic molecule functional groups in acidic water quality can be reflected in a strong flocculation Features.
Second, the proportion of PAM PAM dissolution, dissolution ratio of anionic and nonionic PAM polyacrylamide thousandth, the best ratio of cationic polyacrylamide dissolved as a fraction.
Third, the dissolution temperature, PAM is white crystalline particles, with the need to use clean water to dissolve the general dissolution time of 60 minutes, but the autumn season will be an increase in general dissolution time of 2 hours, if the water temperature can be shortened to improve the dissolution of the dissolution time , the general temperature controlled at 60 ° C or less is recommended between 40-50 ° C.
Fourth, the amount, the amount generally will vary according to the different amount of different quality, with less reach sewage flocculation, viscous liquid more than the amount appears to happen, usually in the front of the machine and the recommendations do first beaker flocculation experiments prevail.
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