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The shape of Polyacrylamide
2014-12-24 08:47:15

Polyacrylamide is a kind of water soluble polymer, is white solid particle or powder. Its applicate field is very wide, involving almost all aspects of life. The current application of most dealers to contact is the water treatment field. Insoluble in most organic solvents, it has good flocculation feature and can reduce the friction resistance between liquid. According to its ionic characteristic, polyacrylamide can be divided into anionic, cationic, non-ionic and zwitterion types.

   In the field of water treatment, when using, according to a certain proportion dilution into water solution, (usually 1 per thousand to 3 ‰), dissolution time is an hour or so. I suggest that when we add polyacrylamide products into the water, water is stirred for acceleration, slower (conditions permitting, try to choose the continuous automatic feeding device). This is done to allow polyacrylamide particles in the water dispersed as far as possible. Polyacrylamide particles expand rapidly after being added in water, such as being added too fast, no dispersion is caused by acceleration meeting that particles which have contacted the water to be expanded to wrap those particles have not contacted the water, forming a large lump together, will become a lot of paste. Under normal circumstances, polyacrylamide solution is colorless and transparent, mixed liquid with water, with a certain viscosity (a little glue).

   Add polyacrylamide into the clear water, generally we do not see the flocculants. Add it into the belt material contamination or containing fine solid water, we also can see a flocculants. The flocculants produced are not identical according to the water quality.

The demand for sustainable solutions to improve water and wastewater management in Asia, specifically in China, is rising in order to provide long-term water security. Access to clean water is among the major local challenges.

Polyacrylamide itself is not toxic. Only when the suction volume is greater than 5/1000 because of gastrointestinal mucosa absorption of nutrients by viscous drag and it is to be harmful. Polyacrylamide residual acrylamide monomer is toxic, and should be strictly controlled by food applications. Polyacrylamide powder should be paid attention to storage, transportation and specially in preventing moisture.