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The main purpose of acrylamide
2014-12-27 08:49:16
Preparation of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, for the determination of protein molecular weight. Flocculant. Enhance the strength of paper. Improvement of fiber quality. Binder. Is the most important two acrylamide acrylamide and methyl acrylamide products products. Since 1954 for industrial, need to gradually increase. Mainly for the production of water-soluble polymer, and this kind of polyacrylamide can be used as additive to enhance oil recovery; used as a thickening agent and flocculant, paper-making additive. A small amount of acrylamide is used to introduce hydrophilic center dear oil polymer to improve the viscosity, improve the softening point and improve the resin solvent resistance, and can be color dye by introducing a center. Acrylamide is often used as a group of photosensitive polymers division. In vinyl polymers, reactivity of the crosslinking reaction can use this amide. Acrylamide can and some monomers, such as styrene, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, vinyl chloride acrylonitrile copolymer fork two, obtained has many uses of polymers. Main applications: 
(1) the product is used for oil wells of oilfield injection water absorption profile adjustment. Will this product and initiator, deoxidizing agent mixed, implanted layers with high permeability water injection wells. In the formation of lower poly synthesis of high viscosity polymer. Plug big pore, increase sweep volume, improve the oil recovery rate. In addition, polymer or copolymer of this product, can be used for three times, fracturing, water plugging, oil drilling slurry mixing treatment and chemical grouting etc.
(2) graft copolymer as part of the goods or the hydrolysate of flocculant and methyl cellulose, used for the treatment of wastewater and sewage treatment plant. 
(3) the soil improvement agent using the product hydrolysate in soil improvement agent, can make the soil aggregate, improve air circulation, water permeability and water retention.
(4) fiber modified with resin processing and acrylamide were carbamylated or graft polymerization. Can be used to improve fiber containing resin finishing all kinds of synthetic fibers, warp and used as a dyeing and printing paste, to basic physical improvement of fiber fabric, wrinkle, shrink and feel good. 
(5) paper strength of partially hydrolyzed agent acrylic amide and acrylic acid copolymer or polyacrylamide, can be used as paper strength training strength agent, starch, water instead of has been the use of soluble amino resin or sharing. 
(6) adhesive glass fiber and phenolic resin adhesive polyacrylamide solution and use, as well as with synthetic rubber and pressure sensitive adhesive. Determination of three nucleic acid molecular weight. Synthesis of dyes. A plastic synthetic. Adhesive. Preparation of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, for the determination of protein molecular weight. One of the important raw material of four synthetic fiber industry and synthetic material industry, monomers and homopolymers, copolymers of his are more and more widely used in national defense construction, petroleum chemical industry, mineral processing, papermaking, textile and water treatment etc, five for the production of flocculating agent, dispersing agent, additive and water soluble polymer etc.