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The effect of factors of polyacrylamide in using
2015-05-12 16:44:26

With the development of sewage treatment,a variety of devices and agentia of water treatment are developed, polyacrylamide is the most main water treatment agent, there is a very good application inindustrial wastewater treatment. The operator will find that sometimes polyacrylamide can’t reach our desired effect, can’t get good flocculation effect. In the view of this, what’s the effect of factors of polyacrylamide in using?

First, thefloc size. floc size Polyacrylamide directly affects the speed of discharge water, the size is too big which will constrain a lot of water so that dryness of mud pie decline.

 Second, the strength of the floc. Floc need adhere under shear stability. Using suitable molecular structure polyacrylamide can help to improve the stability of the molecular structure of floc.

Third, thesludge characteristics. Sludge is mainly divided into organic and inorganic, cationic polyacrylamide is mainly used in organic sludge, anionic polyacrylamide for inorganic sludge. Select the correct type of polyacrylamide can effectively improve the results.

Fourth, theproduct modality. Polyacrylamide products are mainly powder or granular, dissolved into a solution of polyacrylamide products can play better flocculation products.

Fifth, theion degrees. Different types of ion polyacrylamide for different processing, sampling inspection can achieve better flocculation before use.

These are thefactors that affect the use of polyacrylamide effect. So companies mustsampling and testing to select the suitable ion polyacrylamide products. This will not only ensure the correct use of polyacrylamide, it also can prevent waste.