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The effect of SAP applicationin crops and afforestation
2016-03-22 09:08:06

Using SAPtodip planting seedlings can effectively improve the survival rate of seedlings. Increased by 8.9% to 9.8%, to achieve forestation success at a time, reduce costs. Trees and tidy, rational construction, trees grow faster, an average increase 3m3 per hectare timber, shorten rotations of 3 to 5 years.

Every year, for masson pine, fir, chestnut seedlings, the rate of survival reached 88.6%,93.2%, 97%, Fir seedlings which is dipped by SAP have obvious effect for ground diameter, can effectively improve the biomass of seedlings, masson pine seedling root which dipped by SAP, It’s biomass ratio increased 126.9% than dipped by water, fir increase 69.3%, all parts of seedlings corresponding increase, leaves increase the largest, then roots, the smallest is branches. SAP can stimulate root to have more lateral. masson pineseedlings which is dipped by SAP increase 5 laterals than dipped by water, fir increases 9 laterals. Seedlings with SAP distribute in 0 ~ 20cm of soil, and the seedlings with water distribute only in 0 ~ 14cm, Chinese pine can be increased by 28%.

For seedling of Apple, mountain sandalwood, Chinese pine, aspen, locust, They dipped by SAP, the transplant survival rate increased by 12% to 60%.Experimental proof, coniferous forest which dipped by SAP, It’s survived an average increase of 2.7% ~ 22.39%, broadleaf forest increased by 14.8% and 1.8%. 5 years old arborvitae, Chinese pine seedlings transplanted with a big lump of soil planting, retaining agent of large afforestation seedling transplant survival rate increased by 20%. Using water dispersion of SAP instead of the traditional mud bandage, can reduce labor intensity and transport weight, reduce seedling transportation costs, improve the survival rate.

For seedling of Apple, hawthorn, pear, apricot, peach, plum, grapes, dates, pine, acacia, they dipped by SAP, their transplant survival rate increased by 12% to 60%.For seedling of arborvitae, pine, Pinus sylvestris, cypress, cypress and Sabina with soil, if use SAP, transplant survival rate of afforestation increased by 10 to 20%.

SAP is not only used in the forestry and fruit trees planted, but also vegetables and other crops, It also can improve seedling emergence rate, survival rate and yield. SAP can increase germination rate of peanuts, soybeans, corn, wheat. SAP can increase seedling rate of peanuts, mostly corn, wheat crop which is in low soil moisture under repeated drought stress. In the low soil moisture and repeated drought stress, SAP cansignificantly promote the growth and development of  peanuts, corn, soybeans, wheat, and increase the accumulation of dry matter. Wheat yield increased by 18.8%, sweet potato yield increased by 33.4%, cotton increases by 21.3%, peanut, soybean, sesame increased by approximately 20%. Using SAP, tomato are bigger, the average height, fruit number increased by 25%, 25% and 35.7%. Test proved, SAP can improve rainwater utilization, effectively improve the soil, improving crop salt tolerance capabilities and so on.