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The choice of dosage of polyacrylamide
2015-10-13 16:06:38

Sewage treatment with polyacrylamide before use to determine the optimum dosage through the experiment, the dosage is too low, don't work, consumption is too high, but the reverse Role.This is because more than a certain concentration, polyacrylamide not only doesn't flocculation effect, dispersion stability role instead.Therefore, in the use of polyethylene
Acrylamide as we want right amount, unfavorable and overmuch, also shoulds not be too little.And according to the characteristics of various models, when used in choosing the right shade, non-ionic.In order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.Anionic polyacrylamide according to different use, and user demand for goods function, can choose different molecular weight.

1) used in industrial wastewater treatment, especially high concentration of suspended particles, coarser,, particles with positive charge, the PH of the water to neutral alkaline wastewater, such as steel plant waste water, wastewater, electroplating factory metallurgical waste water, coal washing waste water and sewage treatment effect is wonderful.
2) water treatment.Many waterworks water from rivers of China clay and mineral content is high, less cloudy, is through the sedimentary process, but still can not meet the requirements, the need for adding flocculating agent, can make the water clear, many waterworks inorganic flocculants, but the large amount of additive, increase the quantity of sludge role owe good, select the anionic polyacrylamide flocculant, dosing quantity is one of the 50 points of inorganic flocculation role is but inorganic flocculant several times or more, especially my company produce of polyacrylamide, residual monomer has reached the food grade (< 0.05%), near the foreign advanced level, non-toxic, more suitable for the treatment of drinking water, the serious organic pollution of river water and application of anionic polyacrylamide cooperation effect is very good.
3) used as starch factory and the loss of the alcohol plant and starch grains.Today many starch factory in the wastewater of starch is very high, after emissions impact the environment, waste of resources, dosing PAM, the starch deposition and sediment by the filter press filter become bread class can make feed, alcohol plant a lot of vinasse is to choose the technology processing, one of Asia's largest alcohol plant is CHINAFLOC polyacrylamide flocculant, to recover the vinasse and made great economic benefits.
4) used in oil field profile control water plugging plugging agent, oil displacement agent of tertiary oil recovery.
5) used as papermaking assistant, the PAM is a widely use in paper making, can be used as long fiber paper dispersants, dry wet strengthening agent, retention and filtration aid and flocculating agent in papermaking wastewater, etc.