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The cause of Polyacrylamide the drawing and how to solve
2015-06-23 10:23:47

 Many customers found that configured PAMsolution is drawing when they begin to use. They worry to affect the effect, so they daren’t to use. Then, what causes polyacrylamide drawing? How can we effectively avoid it? Let's learn details about it.
 For Polyacrylamide drawing, if it is the solution with a drawing, is a normal phenomenon, which is caused by its own viscosity. If it is found in the supernatant after test, it is because of adding an overdose of polyacrylamide, or concentration is too high, in this case we should reduce quantity or dilute solution.

 Note of PAM’s configuration and storage: powder polyacrylamide’s shelf life is two years in a dry, cool place, but for configured PAM solution, its storage time is very limited. In general, the solution concentration is 0.1%, nonionic polyacrylamide and anionic polyacrylamidesolution aren’t more than one week;cationic polyacrylamidesolution is not more than one day. Solution stability is related to concentration, with the more concentrated (eg 3% to 5%) was stored longer. However, 3% to 5% solution can not directly deal with sewage, it need dilute before use. Cationic polyacrylamide solution is more stable when pH is less than 5.5, when pH is more than 6, it will fail quickly due to hydrolysis. It is more sensitive to iron and calcium and magnesium ion than the anionic polyacrylamide.
 The Methods of discrimination of polyacrylamide: The same mass of the solid polyacrylamide configured equal concentration (e.g. one thousandth) of the liquid, and it should be stirring when configured, as time goes on (about half an hour), the solid completely dissolved, the viscosity of high molecular weight is significantly higher than the low molecular weight products. High purity products are usually high transparency, inferior products are usually low transparency, often with a certain degree of white. Learning how to choose polyacrylamide (PAM), customers will not be cheated.
 Another , we should pay attention to the items when using polyacrylamide.
1.Configured Polyacrylamide solution should be along with dissolved.
2. Before using cationic polyacrylamide emulsion, should be shaken as far as possible;
3, during transportation to avoid the use of high shear rotor centrifugal pump, it is best to use screw, diaphragm and other low-shear pump;
4, polyacrylamide dissolution need add water and add the product the concentration of dissolved should be controlled in 1-5 ‰, the better curing time is about 15-25 minutes

5, polyacrylamide operation should be dissolved in the plastic, ceramic, stainless steel tank, Its stirring rotating speed should not be too large, no heating;
6, polyacrylamide emulsion and inorganic coagulant use to deal with wastewater, it should be added the inorganic coagulant first, when occur obvious alumen (it usually takes time for about 30-60 seconds), and then added polyacrylamide, not reverse the order, and not join together at the same time.

  The above is a detailed description for polyacrylamide drawing reason and solutions, I believe that the above explanation, we will deal with a good solution when we meet the same problem in the future .