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The application of polyacrylamide for sugar refining
2014-12-31 09:09:24

The application of polyacrylamide is wide, everybody know that it can be applied in metallurgy chemical, but it can also be used in sugar refining. In sugar factory polyacrylamide can be used in beet or cane juice clarification, juice will happen agglutination after polyacrylamide.


The quality parameters of polyacrylamide

The molecular weight of PAM, the degree of anion and residual monomer content are the important parameters.


(1) molecular weight

The molecular weight of PAM is very high, and in recent years it  has greatly improved. In 1970s, PAM’ molecular weight is millions; After 1980s , most of the high molecular weight PAM in more than 1500millions, some as high as 2000millions. Each PAM molecule is formed by more than one hundred thousand acrylamide or acrylic acid sodium. Usually, high molecular weight PAM is better flocculation performance. Molecular weight of organic high molecular polymer  is not completely uniform even in the same products.

 (2) anion degree

PAM anion degree is greatly influenced by on its use effect, but it is depended by the suitable types and properties of the processed material numerical, different conditions can have different optimum value. By comparative test and analysis according to the research and the logarithm of our years of ten PAM samples, the sugar industry PAM anion of 22 ~ 28% is suitable, and strong adaptability, can be used for different materials (soluble sugar cane juice, syrup, the syrup to sugar and sugar) and different process (sulfite method, carbonic acid method and phosphorus float). Most PAM used in Sugar production abroad, the anion degree is this range. Bennett pointed out that if the ionic strength of the processed material is higher , PAM anion degree should be higher, otherwise should be lower. According to the Clark report, Australian sugar mill commonly used 20% anion degree of PAM, and Florida's sugar mill commonly use higher numerical . Cress's research found that addingflocculant in the juice and removing sediment, the residual amount of anionic PAMis related with anion degree.


 characteristics principle of polyacrylamide which is used in Clarification of juice sugar factory has the very big relations with flocculant characteristic of PAM , the following points:

(1) the flocculation , PAM can make by charge neutralization and bridging adsorption, flocculation effect.

(2) adhesion,  through mechanical, physical, chemical role, bonding.

(3) the resistance reduction, PAM can effectively reduce the fluid friction resistance, water adding a little polyacrylamide can reduction of 50 - 80%.

(4) thickening, polyacrylamide can be  thickening effect in neutral and acid conditions, when the pH value was above 10 PAM easily hydrolyzed polyacrylamide.  the more obvious thickening.