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The application of anionic polyacrylamide in coal processing industry
2015-03-28 08:13:08


   Polyacrylamide content more than 90%, white crystal particles. Series products are synthesized through special technology, composed of acrylamide homopolymerization, low degree of ion with high molecular weight linear water soluble polymer. Since it has special groups,Gave it has flocculation and dispersion, thickening, binding, film, gel, stabilize the colloid.

Anionic polyacrylamide have widely used in coal dressing, the most commonly used anionic polyacrylamide, it can promote effective solid material rapid subsidence, endanger the stability of the coal slime water of double charge structure, make the suspension slurry particle coagulation precipitation, make the coal slime water clarification Recycling.

Polyacrylamide type applications, coal washery coal slime settling, also has a lot of application to the nonionic polyacrylamide or cationic polyacrylamide, may vary according to the coal geological reasons

Due to the complexity of the coal composition, the mineral take charge and surface adsorption ability is different, the peat water more difficult, often in the front need to add coagulant, the most common have polyaluminium chloride and polymeric ferric sulfate, etc.

In order to select efficient coal slurry wastewater treatment, need according to the coal slime water hardness, the size of the coal slime water concentration and particle size etc. Select a suitable flocculant products in polyacrylamide solution in use process should pay attention to polyacrylamide solution in peat water dispersion in full, on the one hand can't stir speed too fast, lest floccules is damaged; On the other hand must pay attention to the polyacrylamide solution and slime water mixing uniformity, make the coal slime water surface contact polyacrylamide solution more fully, make better matching degree, its charge for flocculation separation.

Dressing aspects in addition to coal, iron, manganese, copper, gold, zinc, etc., these general acidic mining waste water status, dealing with the waste water to generally adopts neutralization, adjusting the PH value, the most commonly used limestone and lime to do adjustment.

Such as iron ore wastewater after neutralization treatment, wastewater sludge main composition iron hydroxide Fe (oH) 3 and colloid, Ca (oH) 2 and calcium hydroxide colloid, Fe (oH) 2 ferrous hydroxide particles, and other ions. With cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) treatment sludge dewatering of iron ore, can achieve very good effect.