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The application of Polyacrylamide in mining coal field
2015-04-25 07:31:08
In mining, coal washing, coal washing plant adopting jk-PAM10001 polyacrylamide flocculants to promote mining, coal washing and recycling water the solid, make the water clear, at the same time, recycling of useful solid particles, to avoid pollution to the environment. Coal washing waste water with Polyacrylamide in the coal industry, the coal preparation plant of coal slurry, coal fired power plants in the ground water is a mixture of water and fine pulverized coal, its main feature is the high turbidity, solid particle size, particle surface with negative charge, charge repulsion between the particles remain the same charge dispersion state in the water, affected by gravity and Brown motion; due to the interaction between the interface of slime water solid particles (such as adsorption, dissolution, chemical etc.), the properties of coal washing wastewater is very complex, not only has the properties of suspension, but also has the properties of colloid. Because of the above reasons, it is difficult to clarify the nature of coal washing wastewater, and this kind of wastewater by precipitation supernatant is still with a large number of coal slime suspended solids such as black liquid, which contains the preparation process of various additives and heavy metals and other harmful substances. A large number of non coal washing wastewater discharge, causing water pollution, river silting, slurry erosion, resulting in great economic losses to the country, but also makes the coal industry and water resource is in short supply, seriously restricting the development of coal production. So the development of new technology and new process, wastewater treatment, and has important significance.
Coal slime water for special polyacrylamide, must add appropriate amount in order to effectively play its flocculation. According to the choice of slime water treatment process and the properties of coal water slurry through the test to determine the. The amount of lead slime precipitation at slow speed, concentration of the overflow is easy to exceed the standard, can not guarantee the required water circulation index, so that the coal product index is difficult to control. Excessive amount, although the accelerated sedimentation rate of the slime, but easy to cause the concentration of underflow concentration is too high; general concentration underflow concentration in 500g/L, you can meet the press production; consumption too much concentrated underflow concentration can reach more than 700g/L, and the bottom of polyacrylamide content increase, so the flow transport and press production adversely, in the press release when the briquette briquette is not easy to fall off, increase the labor intensity of operators, reduces the work efficiency; also caused chemical waste, increase the cost of production. Therefore, appropriate use of polyacrylamide, can not only improve the flocculation effect, effective treatment of coal slurry, but also to ensure also play an important role in reducing the cost of coal products, improve work efficiency, index.