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The Status and Development of Polyacrylamide
2014-11-11 08:50:30

High molecularflocculantis an important chemical inwastewater treatment, of which polyacrylamide occupy half, the rest is inorganic polymers. According to polyacrylamide relevant information, Let’s discuss the situation and development of production technology of polyacrylamide.

In recent years, cationicpolyacrylamide rapidly develop. Cationic polyacrylamide technology of developed countries has matured, occupied 60% of the world total production, and still growing more than 10% annual rate. Like Ciba, France SNF, Mitsubishi, Mitsui produce cationic polyacrylamide, quality are relatively stable, application are relatively wide .

Most domestic polyacrylamide is anionic, cationic only occupy about 20%. Polyacrylamide has abroad prospect in our country. After 10 years of development, Chinese polyacrylamide production has been big growth.

So we can find that the production of high quality polyacrylamide is very optimistic in China, especially the production of cationic polyacrylamide. In the future, polyacrylamide manufacturers want to capture market, not only need technological innovation, but also service, marketing and strategy. Each of them has essential competitive.