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Super absorbent polymer main function
2015-06-10 09:17:03

Super absorbent polymer three main function

1)Function 1 : increase the production

suitable plant : crop, grass, fruit,tree,flower,etc

Material : Potassium Polyacrylate

Other names : super absorbent polymer

Type : Other

Purity : 99%

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2)Function 2 : Loose soil

Application : agriculture,forestry,fruit, grass lawn

Shape : granule

MF : (C3H6O2)N.(C3H5KO2)M

Brand Name : water absorbing gel

Packaging : 20 kg , 25 kgs

3)Function 3 : keep water and fertilizer

Water absorbency : 200~300 times,500~800 times

Water absorbing gel : super absorbent polymer,hydrogel

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) is a new type macro molecular synthetic material, which can absorb water of hundreds times of its weight in a short time and form granule formations in soil to enhance dank and ventilating ability. It is one kind of functionality macro molecule polymer which is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive. It can not conflagrate and blast.

The product can improve soil quality, preserve water and resist drought, producing a better environment for seeds to sprout and develop. It is harmless and non-polluting with super water absorbing ability and water preserving ability while the absorbed water cannot be squeezed out in simply physical ways and it can release and absorb water repeatedly.

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