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Purification treatment of drinking water by polyacrylamide
2015-06-20 08:35:41
Polyacrylamide in production in a water supply company has been used for many years, to improve flocculation effect, saving alum consumption, removal of algae, decreasing mutagenicity, improve water quality, to cope with sudden water accidents have obvious effect.
1, improve the effect of flocculation, overcome the dry period of flocs floating, reduce water saving alum consumption, cost. Low temperature and low turbidity, relative turbidity of water composition, organic matter accounted for a greater proportion, single dosage of aluminum sulfate and polymeric aluminum, the formation of floc structure loose, ethereal to precipitation. After adding polyacrylamide 0.025--0.05mg/L coagulation, due to their large adsorption surface area and excellent bridging ability, formed by the reaction of floc size increases, increasing the proportion of, settling speed, sedimentation tanks the ability to rapidly improve, turbidity is greatly reduced.
After 5 minutes, the residual turbidity of the effluent was less than 20NTU, and the residual turbidity of the water samples was lower by 20, 30NTU. No coagulant water because of the serious pollution of raw water organic matter, floc frivolous. The final turbidity is unable to reduce the investment and will be placed 1 hour the residual turbidity also did not decrease significantly. Investment and polypropylene acyl and coagulation and improve the effect of flocculation, saving alum consumption about 25%, water production does not rise about 5 - 10% cost savings of about 24%.
2, improve water quality, remove the color, remove organic matter, remove the algae, reduce mutagenicity. Due to the polyacrylamide coagulant effect. The effluent turbidity is obviously decreased, and content and turbidity in organic matter and algae have very close relationship, according to experts, when the turbidity reduced to 0.5 degrees, organic matter in water can remove 80%, so adding polyacrylamide gel can effectively to eliminate organic pollution and improve the quality of drinking water. Color removal rate increased by more than 46%, and the removal rate of algae increased by 16, 26%, 10%. The change of the effluent from the sedimentation tank was decreased, and the water turbidity was decreased, and the water turbidity was decreased, and the organic matter was removed.
In China, the application of polyacrylamide organic product as water treatment agent, will expand the scope of the water shortage of water quality, the national demand for drinking water and gradually expand. Such as a water supply company for 97 years and 99 years, the amount has increased by about 8 times, using water from an increase to 6. The use of coagulation, coagulation, drainage. According to reports, in front of the filter investment plus poly propylene amide 0.015---0.05mg/L can increase filter week, enhance the ability to produce 10--16%. But in week increase the filter, the head loss also increases, the recoil time and strength also to a corresponding increase, but in contrast, adding filter aid of Polyacrylamide in the economy is cost-effective, dosage of polyacrylamide (PAM) filter, can prevent algae penetrate sand filter, in treatment of sudden accident, to ensure the quality of filtered water, the existing water supply its application filter process, received good results. Polyacrylamide organic products in the water treatment process and its enhanced flocculation, improve the filtration ability, improve water quality, increase the amount of water, saving cost advantage is more and more water supply enterprises willing to accept, polyacrylamide in drinking water treatment field applications are continually being developed, its prospect is optimistic.