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Polyacrylamide is poisonous?
2015-12-23 13:08:31
Product name:Polyacrylamide
CAS NO.:9003-05-8
EINECS No.:201-173-7
Other name: Polyacrylamide absorbent Gel; Polyacrylamide;  pam/cpam/apam/polyacrylamide/
Many people may ask a way: "toxic polyacrylamide is chemicals, isn't it?"As we all know, the raw material of polyacrylamide is acrylamide, international health organizations, in the standard of 1985 pointed out that the residues of acrylamide in polyacrylamide control in 0.05%, the treated water of polyacrylamide content is lower than 0.25 micrograms per liter, is accord with the standard of drinking water of the majority of countries;AM and discharge water content should be in 1 to 50 micrograms per liter. 
Polyacrylamide was itself no toxicity, after entering the human body will soon be out of the body, the irritating to the skin is more small, only certain residual alkali water dissolution contains stimulating, we can think of polyacrylamide is non-toxic, according to the United States food and drug administration (fda) also, PAM and water dissolution is the low-toxic and non-toxic.
Polyacrylamide toxicity from residual acrylamide monomer and toxic heavy metal material in the production process, raw material, acrylamide is a neurological system agents, to the person's nervous system damage, will show the body after the poisoning, movement disorders and other symptoms.So, the health department, when the residues of acrylamide monomer by more than 0.5% of the quality, you need to "toxic" logo on product packaging.
In general is polyacrylamide low-toxicity or nontoxic, acrylamide toxic raw materials, also should pay attention to when using, need careful operation, prevent accidents.
Polyacrylamide (PAM) is an important water soluble polymer, and both flocculation and thickening, the shear resistance and resistance reduction, dispersion and other valuable performance.These performance as derivatives different ions of different and different.In oil production, mineral processing, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, textile, sugar, medicine, environmental protection, building materials, agricultural production and other departments have a wide range of use.
Polyacrylamide (PAM) as a flocculating agent of choice for the sewage treatment industry, was known by the masses of users, however, in the sewage purification industry, is called polyacrylamide flocculants and sludge dehydrating agent, and do you know in other industries polyacrylamide is known as what?
A. in agriculture: moisturizing agent and cultivate agent;
B. : in the field of water treatment coagulant aid, flocculants and sludge dehydrating agent;
C. in the field of oil drilling, oil displacement agent, reducing agent, viscosifier;
D. in the field of papermaking, reinforcing agent, dry strength agent, filter aid, strengthening agent, resident agent;
E. : in the field of textile sizing agent, finishing agent, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, stabilizers, flame retardants, etc.
Polyacrylamide is also used in other industry thickening, drag reduction, bonding, separation and biomedical materials and other purposes.
One kind of product, therefore, is used by different industries use a variety of call, see its wide use, effect of well-deserved "arranges additives".