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Polyacrylamide in Papermaking
2015-01-11 11:06:18

1. Product characteristics

The high efficient fibre dispersant is a kind of chemically composed organic macromolecule polymer, it easily dissolves in water and creates the liquid with high viscosity with which small dosage could prove the favorable dispersant of the papermaking fibre and create super paper forming effect. It is suitable for the production of the medium \ top grade toilet paper, the napkin and the face tissue etc domestic living paper along with other top grade tissue paper.

2. Quality Index


Solid Content

Ion Degree

Molecular Weight

Residual Monomer

Dissolving time

White Crystal

≥89 %



≤0.05 %

≤50 min

White Crystal

≥89 %

ultra high

ultra high

≤0.05 %

≤50 min


3. Product Features

High viscosity, quick dissolving rate, less residual content, easy handling without foam during stirring.

Low dosage, reduced power use, enhanced machine speed and production capability.

Promote the dispersal of the fibre especially the long fibre, which achieves the thinner paper sheet along with the softer and evener performance.

4. Instructions for Use

Stir the product and distribute it into the dissolving trough slowly and equably, make the 0.05% ~ 0.1% solution, dissolve for 1 ~ 2 hours, the stirring speed during the dissolving should be controlled between 40 ~ 60 rpm, the water temperature should be below 50℃.

The filtering screen of 40 mesh should be equipped between the dissolution trough and the dilution trough to remove the undissolved deposit.

According to the quality requirement of the paper, spray the diluted solution into the breast box by the metering pump or the metering vessel. Do not use the high shear pump during the pumping to avoid the cut-off of the macromolecule which will affect the practical function.

5. Attention

It is very important to effectively disperse the product into the water during the usage, otherwise the agglomeration and the “fisheye” may occur, along with the longer dissolving time.

The warm water can speed up the dissolving, however the higher temperature will result in the degradation of the molecular chain which will affect the viscosity. Normally the water temperature is no more than 50℃.

The stir will help the dissolution, however the heavily stir will result the breakage and the degradation of the long chain. The propeller agitator is preferred. 

The reserve time of the solution cannot exceed 48 hours, otherwise may result in the viscosity degradation which will affect the practical function.

6. Packaging

25 Kg paper plastic three-in-one compound woven bags, or according to users’ requirement.

The product is required to be free from the moisture, the sunshine and the package damage during transport. Store in clean, dry, shady and cool warehouse only.

The shelf life is 2 years.