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Polyacrylamide development trend
2015-08-15 05:31:21
Polyacrylamide is a water soluble polymer, which has good flocculation ability. It can reduce the friction resistance between the liquid and the ionic characteristics can be divided into four types: non ion, anion, cation and type. Media said polyacrylamide as a synthetic water-soluble polymer compound, is a more ideal paper chemicals and water treatment chemicals, the world's largest use, the most widely used. Among them, China is the world's largest polyacrylamide consumption region.  
According to the investment adviser released the 2010-2015 China polypropylene market investment analysis and forecast report shows that in 2008, global consumption of about 840000 tons, China's consumption of about 330000 tons, accounting for 38% of total consumption, the United States, Western Europe, Japan's consumption than cases were 22%, 15%, 13%.  
Although China is the world's largest polyacrylamide consumption area, but in our country, the application of polyacrylamide and other countries in the world have great differences. At present, the world's other countries are mainly used in water treatment and paper industry, while the application of Polyacrylamide in China mainly concentrated in the oil extraction industry. According to China's polypropylene market investment analysis and forecast report released by the investment adviser, 2010-2015, China, in China, polyacrylamide as the three oil displacement agent, applied to the oil industry, the proportion of the total consumption of about 60%.  
Due to the large proportion of polyacrylamide used in oil exploitation industry in China, the demand of oil increases with the increase of the domestic economy, which will stimulate the growth of the demand for oil. Moreover, due to the rapid economic growth, industrialization and urbanization brought about by the high pollution problem is gradually highlighted, will promote the development of water treatment and other environmental protection industry, thus increasing the demand for polyacrylamide. Coupled with the development of domestic paper, textile, coal, mining, metallurgy and other related industries are relatively stable, but also conducive to the development of polyacrylamide application space, the future market capacity of China's polyacrylamide will gradually increase.
In addition, the investment adviser Chi Chang pointed out that polyacrylamide is consistent with the chemical industry "Eleventh Five Year" of the outline for the development of new products, belongs to the industrial structure adjustment to encourage industry. Among them, cationic polyacrylamide is the State encourages the development of environmentally friendly products, and anionic polyacrylamide is in line with national energy strategy, improve the oil recovery rate of important products. Chang Yizhi believes that the relevant national policy support will also give a good opportunity for development of polyacrylamide, so as to expand the market capacity of polyacrylamide. For example, the former State Environmental Protection Administration, the national environmental protection "five eleven" plan, by 2010, all cities have to build sewage treatment facilities, urban sewage treatment capacity of five tons / day, which will increase the demand for water treatment in the field of water treatment, and in 2010, China's crude oil recovery rate to remain at around 1.93, crude oil and natural gas production reached 32% tons and 92000000000 cubic meters, which will increase the consumption of polypropylene amide in the oil industry.