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Polyacrylamide Powder
2015-04-29 09:44:56

    Polyacrylamide series products are water-soluble linearity high polymers.  It is almost insoluble in benzene, aether, lapin and acetone and other common organic solvent and soluble easily in water. With flocculability, thickening, shear performance, resistance-diminishing performance and dispersivity, it is widely used in oil extraction, mineral separation, coal washing, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, spinning, sugar manufacturing, medicine, environmental protection, building materials and agriculture industries.








   Amphoteric PAM is ( the rise in the 1980s of fine chemicals ) currently the largest amount of water-soluble polymer flocculants, it is environmentally friendly - occupy a major position in sewage treatment , which involves the production of human life in many aspects , including petrochemicals Precisely because of excellent polyacrylamide , steel, power plants, paper, construction , mining , pharmaceutical , printing, and other fields, and as drilling mud regulator, displacing agent and paper usage for retention agents are very great , performance is gradually replace traditional chemicals , so usage is growing rapidly .











  However, in all areas, the situation is complex, and its products will display their lack of a single species. Thus came into being zwitterion, it is for different situations. Add certain chemicals to make up for certain deficiencies, thereby increasing the effectiveness of flocculation - produced a synergistic effect, the current zwitterion mainly used in the following areas!





A : Sewage treatment : By linking the bridge , increasing alum , this more efficient than single-use aluminum chloride to a class of chemicals . Not only is there such a zwitterion performance, it also increases the hydrophobic properties of alum to make it easy to precipitate or easily adsorbed bubbles float to reduce the amount of sludge volume.






    II: Sludge treatment : sludge dewatering is generally used usually cationic PAM, can be regarded as a water- clay material , the water content of more than 95% ( typically 98-99 % ) , as described above , the zwitterion and cationic stronger flocculants dewatering capacity .




    III: the role of a retention aid: In papermaking, the wet pulp as the water must be filtered Internet leaving paper fibers and fillers, the process is similar to the principle of treatment of sewage sludge, which will be beneficial to add the product to help filter aid stay. Experience has shown that: For the type of paper, calculated on dry pulp, adding 0.1-3 % 2-8 % polyacrylamide to increase paper production by reducing the loss of fillers and short fibers and also reduce the processing load on the subsequent waste water. However, this effect is too strong , the paper fibers are uneven distribution of a cluster , the dry strength of the paper will affect zwitterion fiber can be distributed more uniformly in the flocculation of leaving the dry strength of short fiber reinforced display process.


     Polyacrylamide containing not more than 0.2 percent of acrylamide monomer may be safely used as a film former in the imprinting of soft-shell gelatin capsules when the amount used is not in excess of the minimum required to produce the intended effect

A.instructions for use

   1.Polyacrylamide is not suitable to be added directly to use. It must be dissolved evenly by clean water (for example, tap water) and thenbe added to use according to a certain proportion.

   2.We recommend that polyacrylamide solution should be in the control of 0.1%-0.3%, when
 using, generally dilute it in the second time.

   3.Add the dissolved polyacrylamide slowly and evenly to the aqueous phase with stirring.
The stirring speed should not be too strong (it should be 100-300rpm) in case of that
the polyacrylamide decrease shear force feeding too fast, easy to agglomerate, forming "fisheye".

   4.Water temperature should not exceed 60 ℃. Normal temperature is ok.
   5.Configured polyacrylamide solution should be stored. Cationic PAM should not be stored
more than 1 day and anionic PAM not more than 2 days, in order to avoid degradation.

   6.The solution can not contact the iron ion, which is one kind of catalyst and easy to
make polyacrylamide decomposition.

   7.when pumping material, we suggest to use the diaphragm or vacuum or low-pressure
 centrifugal pumps (by the high-speed rotary pump to the degradation of polyacrylamide).

   B.storage, transport and the matters needing attention


   Polyacrylamide itself is not toxic. Only when the suction volume is greater than 5/1000 because of gastrointestinal mucosa absorption of nutrients by viscous drag and it is to be harmful. Polyacrylamide residual acrylamide monomer is toxic, and should be strictly controlled by
food applications. Polyacrylamide powder should be paid attention to storage, transportation and
specially in preventing moisture.