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Polyacrylamide Industry Global Marketing Research
2015-11-09 13:35:52

Polyacrylamide REAL manufacyory which focus on PAM almost decade. Top 5 PAM exporter in China.

Polyacrylamide is an important polymer having various end user applications. Key raw materials used in the production of polyacrylamide are acrylamide copolymers and catalysts. The growing environmental concerns regarding both industrial and municipal waste water as well as rapid economic growth in Asia Pacific is expected to remain the major driving force for the polyacrylamide market. Volatile raw material prices are expected to be a key challenge for market participants.

Anionic and cationic were the predominant polyacrylamide product segments, accounting for over 70% of total demand in 2012. Due to its ionic characteristics polyacrylamide is used in various waste water treatment applications. Polyacrylamide used in petroleum applications is anticipated to be the major growth market over the next few years. Growing mining activities across the globe are anticipated to increase the demand for polyacrylamide used in mining. Similar surge in demand is expected to be witnessed from shale gas extraction facilities where polyacrylamide is used as a friction reducer for economical oil recovery.

Asia Pacific accounted for 49% of the total polyacrylamide market in 2012, followed by Europe and North America. Asia Pacific is also expected to be the fastest growing regional market in terms of both polyacrylamide consumption and production. This can be attributed to the growing economies in this region. Skilled labor, cheap availability of raw materials, equipments, and land has resulted in Asia Pacific emerging as a key destination for polyacrylamide producers. Recently various manufacturers have concentrated on capacity expansion in Asia Pacific to increase their production capacities. Europe is the other major region where polyacrylamide consumption was very strong and is expected to grow in demand with a CAGR of about 6.6% in terms of volume from 2013 and 2019.


So who we are? We, SHANDONG ShuiHeng Chemicals Co., Ltd is a manufactory which is focus on above products almost decade.


1.       We are creating cooperation with Famous Chemical University and Chemicals Laboratory to make sure our technology refresh and problem solving, which means the quality is guaranteed, the production process is efficient while the cost is lower.

2.       We have some national patents to insure the company vitality.

3.       All mechanized production and strict rules and regulations make sure the execution going well.

4.       More than 70% manager have Master or MBA degree make the company has positive future.

5.       ISO 9001 has achieved.


We supply Polyacrylamide, Arcylamide and SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer).

Polyacrylamide (PAM):

1.       Anionic PAM Molecular Weight 18-20 million used for Oilfield such as EOR, Oil Drilling.

2.       Anionic PAM Molecular Weight about 15 million and Nonionic PAM Molecular Weight about 5 million used for mining.

3.       Cationic PAM Molecular Weight 6-12 million and Anionic PAM Molecular Weight 15-20 million used for sewage water treatment as flocculants.

4.       Anionic PAM Molecular Weight 25-35 million used for Bore Piling.

Ps: The PAM Molecular Weight could be controlled, if you need others plz give a asking, also for other use.


Acrylamide (AM):


Solid content at least 98%, which used for raw material of Polyacrylamide and Oilfield.

If you have any demand and interesting, plz let we know it. We could talk more details and the sample is free.

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