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Polyacrylamide (PAM) as textile auxiliaries
2016-01-07 08:51:06

PAM has strong hygroscopicity, good adsorption and dispersion, good film forming and the smoothness of size, of the fibers with a strong affinity, high strength low elasticity, and all kinds of pulp with good solubility.Adding PAM made from chemical pulp, used for textile sizing, can improve the tackiness, permeability and desizing performance, using PAM pulp processing of fabric can be generated, submissive, anti-wrinkle, mouldproof protective layer.So the PAM can be used as a textile sizing agent and finishing agent.Using polyacrylamide as fabric treatment agent, can make the fabric of antistatic and flame retardant, reduce sizing rate, reduce the mucilage spot, machine breakage and desizing.When used for dyeing and printing auxiliaries, can make the product adhesion fastness, high brilliance, also can be used as bleaching of silicon polymer stabilizers.


It is the white powder. The APAM with the molecular weight of 6-22 million has good water solubility, 

And it can be dissolved in water by arbitrary proportion but not in organic solvents. 

It has the characteristics of high-polymer electrolyte in the neutral and alkaline medium, 

And it is sensitive to the electrolyte salt. And it can be cross-linked into insoluble gel with the high valence metal ions.

Anion polyacrylamide series are high polymerization& water soluble high molecular polymer, soluble in water, 

insoluble in benzene ,aether, acetone etc, solvent. It can be used in the petroleum, mineral separation, coal washing, 

metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, textile, sugar making, drug, environment protection, building material 

and agriculture.


Cation Flocculant is copolymerized on cation monomer and polyacrylamide .It is one kind of high molecular weight of


 linear polymer.


Its functions include decolor, adsorption ,cloud-removing and binding.

Non –ion polyacrylamide of our company is produced on acrylamide by homopolymerization.

It is one kind of high molecular weight and low ionicity of linear polymer.