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Nonionic Polyacrylamide-NPAM
2016-06-01 08:13:25

Nonionic Polyacrylamide-NPAM




This product is a water- soluble high polymer.It’s not soluble in most organic solvents, with good flocculating activity, and can reduce the friction resistance between liquid.


Application Field:


1. It is mainly used to recycle the wastewater from clay producing.

2. It can be used to centrifugalize the tailings of coal washing and filter the fine particles of iron ore.

3. It can also be used to treat industrial wastewater.





Nonionic type




white fine-sand shaped powder or colorless transparent colloid


Molecular weight




Degree of hydrolysis




Note: our product can be made upon your special request.


Application Method:


1. The product should be prepared for the water solution of 0.1% as concentration. It is better to use neutral and desalted water.

2. The product should be scattered evenly in the stirring water, and the dissolving can be accelerated by warming the water (below 60℃).


3. The most economical dosage can be determined based on a preliminary test. The pH value of the water to be treated should be adjusted before the treatment.

Nonionic polyacrylamide is a high polymer with high molecular weight and low ion exponent, which has functions of flocculation, dispersal, thickening, bonding, film forming, gelation and colloidal stability.if you need help please add Skype:frank99886600 Its flocculation has little influenced by PH value and salt, and in the process of acid wastewater treatment, its effect is superior to anionic polymer Chemical name: Nonionic polyacrylamide Trade name: Nonionic PAM Describe: PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Appearance White to light yellow powder Solid(%) 87 min P.H 5-7 Ionic Nonionic Molecular Weight 3-25 million APPLICATION AND CHARACTERISTICS Used in paper making, water treatment and mine-selecting etc. Package and Storage: 50Kg net in plastic