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Mineral processing polyacrylamide
2016-05-11 14:53:11

Mineral processing polyacrylamide

1. Product characteristics

In most mineral processes where there is a flocculant requirement for either a sedimentation or centrifugation application then a high or ultra high molecular weight product is desired. The anionic product range offers ultra high molecular weight products ensuring maximum performance and cost efficiency for sedimentation and centrifugation applications.
The extensive product range of flocculants and coagulants includes a wide range of anionic /cationic charged products, all at varying molecular weights, so that all applications in the mineral processing industry are catered for. 

2. Quality index


Solid content(%)

Hydrolysis degree (%)

Molecular weight


Residual monomer content (%)

Dissolution time(hr)









3. Application

1.Coal     2. Gold/Silver  3.Copper  4.Lead/Zinc  5.Alumina  6.Uranium  7.Iron/Steel  8.Titanium 9.Dioxide   10.Nickel       11.Sand /Gravel   12.Phosphoric acid 13. Potash processing

4. Instruction for use

(1)It's very important to make the efficient dispersion during using, otherwise will cause agglomerate and "fish eyes", dissolving time will be longer.

(2)Low-hardness water for use; avoid adopting such tank or pool, which will influence on water quality.

(3)Improve the water temperature to accelerate the dissolving velocity, but not exceed 50.

(4)Stirring will accelerate dissolving, but tough stirring will make the dispersant chain broken and degradation. Shipshape agitator with 200 - 500 rpm is the best choice.

(5)Commonly mix the product into 0.05%--0.5%(w/w)solution as reserve.

(6)Adjust the optimum dosage of product according to application condition.