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In the field of coal mining application of polyacrylamide
2016-04-16 08:50:54
    In the field of mining and coal washing by jk-PAM10001 coal washing plant with polyacrylamide as flocculating agent can promote the settlement of mining, coal washing water, solids recovery, the water clarification, and recover useful solid particles, avoids the pollution to the environment. Coal washing with Polyacrylamide in coal slurry of coal industry wastewater of coal washing, coal preparation plant, coal-fired power plant floor washing wastewater is a mixture of water and fine pulverized coal and its main features are high turbidity, fine granular solids and solid particles on the surface of negatively charged, the same charge charge repulsion make these particles remained in water dispersion, influenced by gravity and Brownian motion; due to the interaction between the slime water solid interface (such as adsorption, dissolution, combination), so that the nature of coal washing wastewater is very complex, not only has properties of suspension, also has colloidal properties. Because of the above reasons, coal washing waste water difficult to natural clarification, and this kind of wastewater by precipitation supernatant is still a large amount of slime suspensions of black liquid, which contains coal preparation and processing of various additives and heavy metals and other harmful substances. A large amount of coal washery wastewater did not meet emissions, causing water pollution and siltation, slurry erosion, which caused great economic losses to the state, but also makes more scarce water resources in coal industry, seriously restricting the development of coal production. Therefore, the development of coal washing wastewater, and the new technology, new technology has important significance.
    Coal washing special polyacrylamide as to coal slurry thickener in rapid precipitation, to ensure that qualified washing and dewatering of coal slime production, so that the production efficiency and economic operation, we must choose suitable flocculant to strengthen coal slurry treatment. Through recent years production practice proved that polyacrylamide of coal slime water treatment effect is good, can accelerate the slime settlement and have contributed to the filter manufacturing.
    Coal washing special polyacrylamide for the treatment of slime water, must be to add appropriate amount in order to effectively play its flocculation effect. According to the selected process of slime water treatment and coal slurry properties determined through test. Amount, at the very least, lead slime settling velocity is slow, overflow concentration extremely easy to exceed the standard, can not guarantee required by the circulating water index, so that the coal washing product index of stability is difficult to control. Excessive amount, while speeding up the coal slime settling velocity, but it is likely to cause concentration underflow concentration is too high; general concentration underflow concentration requirements in 500 g / L, which can meet the press production; dosage is too much concentration underflow concentration sometimes as high as 700g / L or more, and underflow polyacrylamide content increased, so on the underflow transportation and filter production adversely, in the filter to unload the briquette briquette is not easy to fall off, increasing the labor intensity of the operation personnel, reduce the efficiency; at the same time also caused the medicament waste, increase the cost of production. Therefore, appropriate use of polyacrylamide, not only can improve the effect of flocculation and effective treatment of coal slurry, but also to ensure the indexes of coal washing products, improve work efficiency, reduce costs but also plays an important role.
    From ancient times to now, the mother of the earth with the sweet milk nurtured countless generations of children. She was the original Xiaobei decorated lovingly pathetic. But, now human to its own interests, she was tortured a murky sky over a dark earth. There is only one earth, and the earth is facing a severe environmental crisis. "Save the earth" has become the world's strongest voice. I feel heartache for the deterioration of the environment, I think: as the future successor of the youth, if you do not understand the structure of human environment and environmental problems, ignoring the laws and regulations of environmental protection, not to enhance the environmental protection consciousness, and consciously fulfill the obligations of protecting the environment, our lives will be destroyed in their own hands, God will be severely punished for us. To this end I set my mind to start from the care of the environment, to protect our survival of the home, to be a guardian of the protection of the environment.
    PAM polyacrylamide play a big role, air-conditioning energy saving system technology new breakthroughs. The new aircraft carrier green smart energy saving system is the latest breakthrough in air conditioning technology, recently, this new technology in Singapore released, it provides a new cooling comfortable standard. It offers a combination of dual rotor compressor, digital DC hybrid inverter and new green refrigerant (R-410A) with an incredible cooling capacity. The unique intelligent digital DC hybrid inverter is the latest in the double impact state of the most advanced power electronics technology. This is a combination of polyacrylamide (pulse amplitude modulation) and PWM (pulse width modulation) action to provide a powerful cooling and ingenious combination of energy saving. These features enable the green evaluation of multi carrier systems to achieve higher energy efficiency than any other conventional multi air conditioning system. Operators to provide consumers with a cool and comfortable energy-saving system of new standards.