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How to text the Molecular Weight of Polyacrylamide
2015-06-09 15:55:57

Acrylamide solution is very viscous, the greater the viscosity of the solution is generally higher molecular weight polyacrylamide, because polyacrylamide macromolecules is thin and long chain body, in the solution of the great resistance movement. The essence is reflected in the viscosity of the solution frictional force magnitude, also known as the coefficient of friction. The viscosity of various polymer organic solution are high, and with the molecular weight increases. A method for determining the molecular weight organic polymer is a certain concentration of the solution was measured under conditions of viscosity, then a certain formula to calculate its molecular weight, called "presumption molecular weight." While POLYACRYAMIDE solution viscosities [η] m exponential function of its molecular weight as follows: [η] = 3.73 × 10-4 × m 0.66 Experience has shown that flocculation polyacrylamide solution viscosity and it has direct relationship, the better the performance, the higher the viscosity of those, that is to say the higher the molecular weight polyacrylamide superior product performance; if it is affected by the viscosity of certain factors and reduce its flocculation inevitable decline. Determination: Dry sample: Weigh 0.027g ~ 0.04g dry powder into 250ml beaker, then add 200ml of water under .30 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ 1.5 ~ 2h and stirred until dissolved, into 250ml volumetric flask. then rinse the beaker several times, rinsing water is transferred to the volumetric flask, dilute to the mark, (20 minutes to 30 minutes) and then take 50ml of solution from a good shake flask, into 100ml capacity bottle, coupled with 2N NaNo3 (sodium nitrate) solution of 50ml, and shake again 5 to 10 minutes, with a glass funnel and dried, taken into 15 ~ 20ml viscometer (Ubbelohde viscometer). on the 30 water bath ℃ ± 0.05 ℃ in the thermostat 10 minutes Determination of flow time of solution, taking an average of three times t (ie run in the second). The formula molecular weight (simple) run in the second ÷ blank equal number -m (natural logarithm ) -1 = × 2 by prescribing key ÷ ÷ weight solids content ÷ 0.2 ÷ 03.73 × 1000 = Press the shift key. Press YZ press 0.66- molecular weight

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