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How to choose PAM type in water treatment area?
2016-04-25 08:59:46

We are the manufactort which focus on polyacrylamide almost decade, we are TOP5 PAM exporter in China.

How to choose the PAM type in water treatment industry? We will give you a brief giide.

Wastewater treatment using polyacrylamide before importing to determine the optimal dosage through experiments, the amount is too low, does not work, the amount is too high, but counterproductive. This is because more than a certain concentration, PAM only afford flocculation, but a stabilizing effect as a dispersant. In the choice of polyacrylamide models, from the following aspects to solve all the problems:

1, sewage sludge is the inevitable outcome, first of all we should understand the source of the sludge, nature, composition and solid content. According to different main ingredients contained in the sludge, the sludge can be divided into organic sludge and inorganic sludge. Generally cationic polyacrylamide for treatment of organic sludge, anionic polyacrylamide for treatment of inorganic sludge, highly alkaline when cationic polyacrylamide is not easy, but should not use strong acidic anionic polyacrylamide, sewage mud high solids usually larger amount of polyacrylamide. In the case of sewage flocculants and cationic polyacrylamide as sludge dewatering agent selection.

2, imports of polyacrylamide ion selection: for the dewatered sludge to be used different ionic flocculants degree screening experiments carried out by a small, select the best suitable polyacrylamide flocculant so that is can achieve the best effect , but also allows dosing the least amount of cost savings. Selected ions degrees key to see (1) the size of the floc (2) the size of the floc strength (moisture) floc: floc is too small will affect the drainage rate, floc floc bound much more water will be reduced mud biscuits. By selecting the molecular weight polyacrylamide floc size can be adjusted. Floc strength: floc under shear should remain stable without breaking. Increase the molecular weight polyacrylamide or select the appropriate molecular structure helps improve floc stability.

3, mixed with sludge PAM: PAM and sludge adequate response must occur in a position flocculation dewatering equipment. To this end, PAM solution viscosity must appropriate the existing equipment conditions thoroughly mixed with the sludge, a mixture of both uniform whether is a critical success factor. Its molecular weight polyacrylamide solution viscosity and formulation concentration.

4, polyacrylamide dissolved: dissolve well in order to send full flocculation. Sometimes need to speed up the dissolution rate, this case could be considered to increase the concentration of polyacrylamide solution.

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