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How do super absorbent polymers (Water Absorbent Polymer and high modulus polymer) to work?
2015-11-25 08:52:55

SUPER ABSORBENT POLYMER (SAP) for diaper/sanitary napkins/pantylinner/underpad

Product features:

1. Non-toxic, pollution-free Our products do not contain any substance (heavy metal salts, etc.) harmful to human beings, plants or the environment. They are green and non-polluted organic products.


2. It plenty use in sanitary, baby diaper, disposable diaper and agriculture


Packaging: 25kg/paper-plastics compound sack 


product  name 

Super  Absorbent  Polymer 



Product  type


Chemical main element 

 potassium,poly-acrylate Copolymer 


white granule 

Nutrient content 

  K2O; 23%min

Particle mesh size 


PH value(1g/l water) 




Insoluble in water and organical solution;

Swells to a gel upon contact with aqueous fluids .

Maximum Absorption  Free swelling conditions

350min in distilled water

110min in soil 



Absorption  Against 

  soil pressure


Use condition in soil     

Applying 0.2%SAP in red soil,the saturated 

soil moisture content is 64.94%,


which increased 22.31% ,than control ,

the available soil water


content is 41.35%, which increased 

36.47% than control ;


Applying 0.2% SAP in sandy soil, the saturated 

soil moisture content is 34.78%,


which increased 32.60% than control, the available

 soil water content is 30.90%, 


which increased 37.70% than control. 




    Effectiveness in Soils 

It can notably improve soil structure, reduce soil bulk Density 

and increase the soil porosity.


In red soil,applying 0.1%,0.2%,0.4%,the soil bulk density 

decrease7.33% ,11% ,14.68%; 


In sandy soil, applying 0.1%,0.2%,0.4%,the soil bulk density 

decreased 9.35%,12.95%,15.11%,


but two soil porosity increase with the increasing of SAP .

Water available for plants 

under 0.3Mpa suction section, it`s the aptest to utilize   

Moisture by plant .


non toxic for plants,soil organism/ no chloridion 

 Application area    

Soil hydration.  Agriculture 

 Satety certificate 

 ISO14001:2004;   ISO9001:2008   

Our product Super Absorbent Polymer is a boon for agriculture. The uses of CHINAFLOC SAP (Superabsorbent Polymer) are very vast and versatile range:

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Plant Growth Promoter & Nurseries
  • Trees- Transplanting
  • Pre-hydration
  • Soil-conditioner
  • Forestry & Arboriculture
  • Golf Course, Lawns & Sod
  • Gardening & Landscapers
  • Organic Plant Growth Promoter & Bio-Stimulants (Yield booster)
  • Seed Coating, Hydro-seeding
  • Bare Root Dipping


  • Nursery Plants : 1 to 10 gms per kg of soil
  • Potted Plants : 10 to 20 gms for a 10” pot, mixed in the soil near the root zone
  • Horticulture : 10 to 20 gms per plant, mixed in the soil near the root zone
  • Field Crops : 10 to 25 kgs / per hectare, apply along with seeds at sowing
  • Lawns/Golf Course : 15 to 30 gms / per sq. metre