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History of Superabsorbents
2015-07-01 09:12:15
SAP, super absorbent polymer,Potassium Polyacrylate
Superabsorbent polymers were first introduced by Union Carbide in the mid 60's. They were first developed in the 70's to grow plants in the desert. However, they were used very little by commercial growers due to their relatively high cost in comparison to their swell capacity. 
 In the early 80's, superabsorbents began to be widely developed for the baby diaper market (hundred of millions of pounds). This led to newer, higher swell polymers, some with long lasting life that were suitable for agriculture. 
 Polymers like Water-Keep have been recommended by various Cooperative Extension Services as a beneficial soil amendment. The fine powders have also been used by nurseries for bare root dipping. Now, a growing use has been seen in nursery container mix, landscaping (especially golf courses), vegetable and flower gardens and orchards. 
 Superabsorbents like Water-Keep are compatible with any type of living plant, annuals, perennials, ornamental trees and shrubs, bulbs, vegetable and turf. 1 million pounds will be used in 2003 for these applications. Skype:frank99886600
 Water-keep can fulfill the needs of farmers, nursery growers and golf course landscaping professionals who require a soil amendment which would outperform conventional potting soils and organic amendments relative to their water holding, releasing and water saving capacity. 
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