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High Molecular Weight Anionic Polymer Flocculant
2016-02-24 14:36:20

 anionic flocculant based on a high molecular weight latex emulsion polyacrylamide co-polymer. It is scientifically formulated for use as a flocculant in effluent and wastewater treatment applications.

Product Benefits


  • High performance anionic flocculant based on a high molecular weight latex emulsion polyacrylamide co-polymer
  • Ideal for a range of effluent and wastewater treatment applications
  • Will flocculate suspended solids
  • Ideal for for non-potable raw water clarification
  • Primary and secondary effluent clarification
  • Oily waste water clarification
  • Filtration
  • Product Properties

    Form: Liquid
    Colour: Opaque
    Odour: Aliphatic
    Approx. bulk density: 1.03 - 1.05
    Viscosity (25oC) 300-2000 cp.
    Flash point : >100 ºC

Application & Dosage Information

Water solubility Water soluble. Solution concentration will be limited by its own viscosity.

Always add it to an area of maximum mixing as far upstream as possible.

Do not use a centrifugal pump as this will destroy the molecule.

it is best applied at a 0.01% - 0.05% solution.

Typical dosage rates for it are as follows:

  • For primary clarification flocculation use 1 to 5ppm.
  • In line filtration use 1 to 5ppm.
  • Sewage treatment 1 to 30ppm.
  • Oily waste water clarification use 1 to 10ppm.

1) for the corresponding models according to the sludge dewatering sludge nature of the choice of the product, 2) used in the treatment of domestic sewage and organic waste water. 3) used in the treatment of flocculant, with river water water water less dosage, good effect, low cost, 4) reinforcing agent and other additives for papermaking. To improve the packing, pigmentretention rate, the strength of paper. 5) used in oil field has additives, such as clay anti swelling agent, thickening agent used in oil field acidification. 6) used in textile sizing agents, the stability of the slurry performance, less off the pulp, fabric breakage rate is low, clean cloth.