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Chinafloc- China experienced manufactory of polyacrylamide
2016-06-13 15:31:54


We, Shandong SHuiHeng Chemicals Co., Ltd is a leading manufactory which is focus on polyacrylamide almost decade. We are Top 5 exporter in China.

Chinafloc is our growing brand, make it be known is our point.

1.   We are creating cooperation with Famous Chemical University and Chemicals Laboratory to make sure our technology refresh and problem solving, which means the quality is guaranteed, the production process is efficient while the cost is lower.

2.   We have some national patents to insure the company vitality.

All mechanized production and strict rules and regulations make sure the execution going well.

3.   More than 70% manager have Master or MBA degree make the company has positive future.

4.   ISO 9001 has achieved.


Polyacrylamide (PAM):

Anionic PAM Molecular Weight 18-20 million used for Oilfield such as EOR, Oil Drilling.

Anionic PAM Molecular Weight about 15 million and Nonionic PAM Molecular Weight about 5 million used for mining.

Cationic PAM Molecular Weight 6-12 million and Anionic PAM Molecular Weight 15-20 million used for sewage water treatment as flocculants.

Anionic PAM Molecular Weight 25-35 million used for Bore Piling.

Ps: The PAM Molecular Weight could be controlled, if you need others plz give a asking, also for other use.



      1. Oil Drilling

      2. Enhance Oil Recovery

      3. Sewage Treatment

      4. Mining

      5. Paper-Making

     6. Bore Piling

If you have any demand or interested in polyacrylamide, just contact with us, we could give you more suggestion.

We are Chinafloc, a growing polyacrylamide Brand.