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China Manufactory Polyacrylamide used for oilfoeld and watertreatment
2015-12-28 10:56:48

A leading manufactory which is focus on polyacrylamide almost decade. We are Top 5 exporter in China.

This article will introduce the usage of Anionic Polyarylamide and Cationic Polyacrylamide.


The Anionic Polyacrylamide mainly used in:

1. Oilfield Chemicals

Oil Drilling: usually, the molecular weight is 18-20 million, the hydrolysis degree is 27%-35%.

EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery): usually the molecular weight is 18-20 million. the hydrolysis degree is 23%-27%.


2. Mining washing

The molecular weight is 15-16 million, the hydrolysis degree is 20%-25%.


3. Water Treatment

Some types water treatment could be used in Anionic Polyacrylamide. The water treatment is complicated, so we need more details, such as the type of water, charge degree, etc.


4. Bore Piling

 The molecular weight is 18-20 million, the hydrolysis degree is 27%-35%.


The Cationic Polyacrylamide mainly used in water treatment.

Metals removal

Our products are commonly used for precipitation of heavy metals in different water treatment applications. We can remove both particle-bound and dissolved heavy metals. By combining our coagulants and flocculants the treatment becomes more efficient and the treatment plant can be made more compact.


Sludge treatment

Sludge treatment and disposal of sludge can be very costly. It is therefore important that sludge volumes are kept at a minimum with a high dry-solids content to reduce disposal costs.



Dredging of rivers or harbors with sediments contaminated with environmental pollutants often requires removal and deposition of the excavated masses together with a proper treatment and cleaning of the water prior to discharge back to the environment. 


Digestate dewatering

Digestate out of a biogas production process is still rich in various nutrients. It makes sense that these nutrients should be returned to the farmland where new biogas substrate is grown.


Desalination and water reuse


The SHH Chemicals membrane program is a combination of application know-how and high performance products. It enables you to optimize the whole water reuse or desalination process from water intake to the post-treatment in a better way.


1.   We are creating cooperation with Famous Chemical University and Chemicals Laboratory to make sure our technology refresh and problem solving, which means the quality is guaranteed, the production process is efficient while the cost is lower.

2.   We have some national patents to insure the company vitality.

All mechanized production and strict rules and regulations make sure the execution going well.

3.   More than 70% manager have Master or MBA degree make the company has positive future.

4.   ISO 9001 has achieved.


Also we are confidence in our anionic polyacrylamide and nonionic polyacrylamide. We could supply better quality, quantity, price and service. If you want to get more information, please contact us.


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