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Characteristics and application range of instant polyacrylamide
2022-03-19 11:33:44
Characteristics and application range of instant polyacrylamide
[Product features] :
1. Instant polyacrylamide is water-soluble and can be completely dissolved in cold water.
2, the rapid dissolution of polyacrylamide, normal water temperature continuous stirring 5-10 minutes can be completely dissolved.
3, add a small amount of instant polyacrylamide, can be greatly thickened and lubricated. Generally, only 0.01~10ppm (0.01~10g/m3) is needed to give full play to the effect.
[Scope of application] :
1, the construction industry with instant polyacrylamide additives for building mortar: there are two kinds of particles and fine powder. At the same time of improving the strength, the construction will not appear dry too fast, such as bad phenomenon. It is also used to thicken interior wall coatings.
2, used as the adhesive of wood, diatom board and other boards, with high strength and no moisture return.
3, incense with particles and fine powder two kinds, polyacrylamide fine powder with large viscosity and small dosage, do not need to add elm powder and any adhesives and other advantages, the production of all kinds of incense, good finish, good hardness and toughness, no odor after combustion, not easy to moisture, deformation.
4, for paper industry, one is to improve the retention rate of filler, pigment, etc. To reduce the loss of raw materials and environmental pollution; Two is to improve the strength of the paper (including dry strength and wet strength), in addition, the use of PAM can also improve the tear resistance and porosity of the paper, to improve the visual and printing performance, but also used in food and tea wrapping paper.
5, used for textile sizing agent, slurry stable performance, less falling pulp, fabric breakage rate is low, clean cloth.
6, instant polyacrylamide is also widely used in thickening, stable colloid, drag reduction, bonding, film forming, biomedical materials and so on.
7, other industries, food industry, used for sugar cane, sugar beet sugar production sugar juice clarification and syrup phosphorus float extraction. Enzyme preparation fermented liquid flocculation clarifying industry, also used in feed protein recovery, stable quality, good performance, recovery of protein powder to chickens and raising the survival rate of weight gain, no adverse effects of egg production, synthetic resin coating, civil water plugging grouting materials, building materials industry, improve the quality of cement, construction chemicals, caulking repair and plugging agent, soil improvement, electroplating industry, printing and dyeing, etc.
[Usage] :
1. When dissolving, add water at the same time. The solution concentration is recommended to be controlled at 0.1-0.5%, and the stirring time should be 5-10 minutes.
2, when conveying, avoid using centrifugal pump and other high shear rotor pump, can use screw pump, diaphragm pump and other low shear pump;
3, the dissolution operation should be carried out in the plastic, ceramic, stainless steel and other materials of the tank, the stirring speed should not be too large, without heating.
4. When combined with inorganic coagulant to treat wastewater, the inorganic coagulant should be added first, and then the product can not be reversed or added at the same time until there is obvious alum flower (generally separated by 30-60 seconds or so).
[Packaging and storage] :
Instant polyacrylamide using 25Kg lined plastic woven bag or paper plastic composite bag packaging, can also be packed according to user requirements.
Stacking layers shall not exceed 20 layers, and the effective storage life is 2 years.
Store in cool, ventilated and dry place, pay attention to prevent heat, moisture, prevent packaging damage, long-term exposure will absorb moisture agglomerate.