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Cationic polyacrylamide is used as paper strengthening agent,polyacrylamide beads
2016-06-15 09:38:35
Cationic polyacrylamide is used as paper strengthening agent, anion on the cationic charge and fiber to form hydrogen bond, can adsorption onto pulp fibers, acyl amino and hydroxyl on the fiber combined into hydrogen bond, can enhance the bonding force between the fiber, can make the paper strength increases.To be less effective cationic PAM anionic PAM used as strengthening agent.Now research shows that the use of zwitterionic PAM as strengthening agent, better than cationic PAM, zwitterionic polyacrylamide type enhancer for writing paper pulp has a better effect.
PAM has strong hygroscopicity, good adsorption and dispersion, good film forming and the smoothness of size, of the fibers with a strong affinity, high strength low elasticity, and all kinds of pulp with good solubility.Adding PAM made from chemical pulp, used for textile sizing, can improve the tackiness, permeability and desizing performance, using PAM pulp processing of fabric can be generated, submissive, anti-wrinkle, mouldproof protective layer.So the PAM can be used as a textile sizing agent and finishing agent.Using polyacrylamide as fabric treatment agent, can make the fabric of antistatic and flame retardant, reduce sizing rate, reduce the mucilage spot, machine breakage and desizing.When used for dyeing and printing auxiliaries, can make the product adhesion fastness, high brilliance, also can be used as bleaching of silicon polymer stabilizers.
1: storage time:
PAM solution with the increase of storage time, the more degradation, and the lower the viscosity, flocculation effect will be poor.In general, anionic PAM solution can be stored for seven days, cationic PAM solution can be stored for 24 hours.This is due to the hydrolysis of amide groups, the hydroxyl content increase.Containing cationic base effect is more apparent, in particular, amide groups remove NH3 generated imide group is caused by the molecular chain rigidity increase.
2: the temperature influence:
0.1% PAM solution, the temperature of 80-80 ℃, 18 million molecular weight degradation within 2-4 hours to about 5 million, with the increasing of temperature, degradation of faster and faster.Stable performance, when the room temperature is 25 ℃.
3: mechanical action:
Agitation can improve the dissolution rate of PAM powder, high intensity of stirring speed, will cut off the chain of polyacrylamide, suggested that stirring speed control online 60 RPM, do not use high strength and high-speed mixing equipment and transport equipment.
4 the influence of illumination:
Light can make the temperature rise, to dissolve polyacrylamide degradation, ultraviolet light of direct illuminate dissolved rapidly degradation.Direct bright light for 3 to 5 hours, can make the PAM molecular weight fall by 30-50%.
5: the influence of impurities:
Dissolved PAM powder, it is best to use neutral water, water hardness, or contains impurities, will affect the viscosity of PAM and using effect.