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CHINAFLOC Polyacrylamide (PAM) price
2015-09-23 09:03:55
PAM Polyacrylamide Powder Price
1. Used in water treatment industry
2. Used in paper making industry
3. Used in drilling and mining industry

CHINAFLOC Polyacrylamide, an acrylic resin that has the unique property of being soluble in water. It is employed in the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater.Skype:frank99886600 E-mail:

CHINAFLOC Polyacrylamides are produced by the polymerization of acrylamide (C3H5NO), a compound obtained by the hydration of acrylonitrile. Acrylamide is usually dissolved in water; it has toxic effects on the nervous system and must be handled under special protective procedures. The dissolved monomers (single-unit molecules) are induced to polymerize (link together to form large, multiple-unit molecules) through the action of free-radical initiators. Skype:frank99886600 E-mail:


1. for textile, printing and dyeing industry.

CHINAFLOC Polyacrylamide used as sizing agents, finishing agents on fabric, and can generate a protective layer of supple, wrinkle, mildew bacteria.

2. mainly used as flocculants.

Widely used in chemical industry waste water, waste treatment, urban wastewater treatment.

High turbidity of water purification, water industry, heavy clear, coal washing, dressing, metallurgy, iron and steel, zinc, aluminum processing industry, electronics, water treatment.

3. for the petroleum industry, oil production, drilling mud, mud treatment, waste, reduce friction, prevent water channeling

4. for the paper industry:

To raise the fillers, pigments and other retention; To reduce material wastage and pollution of the environment; to improve the strength of the paper (including strength of dry and wet- strength), and PAM improves tear resistance of paper and porous, to improve Visual and printing performance.

5. other industries: synthetic resin paint, civil Grouting material blocking water, building materials industrial, and improve cement quality, and construction adhesive, filled joint repair and the blocking Agent, soil improvement, and electroplating industry, and dyeing industry.

Packing: 25kg/bag

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