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Applications of potassium super absorbent polymer
2020-12-28 17:27:56

Applications of potassium super absorbent polymer

Chinafloc-sap is a highly efficient polymer based water retainer that, when incorporated into a soil or a substrate will absorb and retain large quantities of water and nutrients. Unlike most products that become hydrated, Chinafloc-sap can easily release absorbed water and nutrients, thereby allowing crops to access the water and nutrients available at will, as a function of the absorption and release cycles.

1. SAP used for common plants and crops

15 to 30 kg per acre dosage, along with seeds hole application or ditch application to the soil around the seed, the seed germination rate can effectively improve and promote seedling growth. Gets success planting corn in the U.S, pature in arid area of inner Mongolia, potatoes grown in Cape Verde Africa, and potato yield increase more than 2 times.

2. SAP used for gardening, Horticulture and landscape

SAP is ideal for mixing soil matrix, for indoor and outdoor pots, planters, window boxes, balconies, terraces, roofs, hanging, gardens, city landscape. Planting shrub, flower, grass, vegetables are available. Using SAP can bring water-saving, labor saving, time-saving benefits and reduce the drought or wilting risk causing by long time no watering the plants, longer the green time and the blossom period.

3. SAP sued for seed coating

Seed coating use SAP should be fine particle size of 0.3 mm or less, after SAP coating the seed emergence quickly, strong and good disease resistance, this is the easy available way use SAP to plants in drought area, which also with small quantity, low cost and good performance.

4. SAP used for trees

SAP as important role like fertilizers, pesticides, it is because the development of planting saplings and fruit, a continuous supply of water is very important. Using 10-20g SAP can double the survival rate of young trees when planting tree seedlings (bare root)

5. SAP used for lawn and Golf course

Application in golf and lawn can save about 50%-70% water, Reduce the cost of maintenance, Save about 30%-50% fertilizer. Lawn grows faster, healthier, and the green last longer, less pollution caused by the loss of fertilizer.

For adult deciduous fruit trees, put the SAP with organic fertilizer, taken with a ring groove or furrow in the root area. The dosage is up on the soil condition, tree size and the ditching situation, should generally be 0.3% of the backfill soil and fertilizer. Liaoning and Shandong planting apple in Liaoning and Shandong, lychee and pineapple in Guangxi, bananas and peaches in Yunnan, get very good result after using SAP.

Benefits of Chinafloc-super absorbent polymer

·                                 High performance super absorbent polymer based water retainer.

·                                 Increases the water holding capacity of soils for several years.

·                                 Reduces water loss, irrigation frequency may be reduced by 50%.

·                                 Limits losses of water and nutrient due to unwanted leaching.

·                                 Reduces evaporation of water from thesoil.

·                                 Improves the physical properties of compact soils through improved aeration.

·                                 Accelerates plant and crop growth. Water and nutrients are continuously available in the root zone for optimal water and nutrient absorption.

·                                 Protects the environment against drought and groundwater pollution by controlling the release of fertilisers.

Features of Chinafloc-super absorbent polymer

·                                 Absorbs water up to 500 times its own weight.

·                                 Non-toxic.

·                                 Dry white powder.

·                                 Bags of 25 kg, 30 bags per pallet, total 750 kg.

·                                 3 year shelf-life.

·                                 0.5 mm to 3.15 mm size distribution.


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