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Application of polyacrylamide (PAM) in enhanced flocculation and sedimentation
2015-06-27 07:51:15

Mixed process mixing is the first pass, but also a very important one. In this process should be the mixed coagulant hydrolysis product quickly spread to every detail of the water and make all colloidal particles almost in the same instant off stability and cohesion, so as to get good flocculation effect. Because in the process of mixing, it can be called the colloidal particles to take off the stability and coagulation. But the main function of this process is mixed, so it is generally referred to as mixed process. The essence of the mixed problem is the diffusion problem in water. It is a prerequisite for obtaining good flocculation effect, and it is also a prerequisite for obtaining good flocculation effect.The key to save the dosage.
Flocculation reaction is one of the most important processes in the process of strengthening flocculation and sedimentation. Its principle is that the macromolecular flocculants, polyacrylamide (PAM) to adsorb the suspended particles in the sewage, polymer chain mutual entangled crosslinking, bridge formation, thereby increase coarsening the flocculated structure, and finally the formation of precipitation. And in the process, the correct or not related to the process of the process of the PAM selection is good or bad.
InorganIn the polymer solution, hydrophobic groups occur aggregation due to hydrophobic interaction, which makes the macromolecular chain molecules and intermolecular association. The formation of this hydrophobic structure, so that the polymer solution is a unique solution, for the high viscosity and the special response to the shear, can adjust the fluid viscosity, rheological properties, etc.. So that it has a wide range of outstanding application prospect in the three oil recovery, paint, paper, water treatment, medicine and other industries, and thus got the attention of researchers in various countries.
There are also many studies and some of the different uses of the hydrophobic association polyacrylamide invention patents, but its raw materials synthesis complex and expensive, so its application and industrialization is difficult. This research project with wide sources of raw materials, chemical products, simple and feasible synthetic process conditions and easy industrialized production method, synthesis of a novel hydrophobically associating polyacrylamide monomer and preparation of new hydrophobic associating polyacrylamide. To meet the high performance requirements of the application in various fields.The hydrophobic association water soluble polymer is a water-soluble polymer which is introduced into hydrophilic macromolecular chains of polymer.ic flocculant and organic flocculant in strengthening flocculation and sedimentation of compound using in the enhanced flocculation precipitation, in order to reduce drug consumption, save the cost, improve the processing rate, give full play to the different flocculants synergy through many experiments and in engineering applications, the combination of inorganic and organic flocculants used to achieve better results. Mixed use, to join the positively charged inorganic flocculant, the sewage in colloid destabilization, add with negatively charged anionic polyacrylamide, destabilization of the colloidal particles through the bridge function and network capture function to grow up quickly. Because of the organic polymer is easy to mechanical degradation, so the use of the combination of higher requirements for hydraulic conditions. Mixing to be uniform, speed to slow.
Application of PAM in other processes, PAM is used to enhance the flocculation of wastewater, most of which are used for sludge dewatering. The flocculation PAM bridging occurs between the individual particles of sludge, the chains of the polymer adsorption on different particles and promoted by the particles aggregation to solid-liquid separation effect. Sludge dewatering must cooperate and dewatering equipment use, centrifuge dewatering equipment of common, with three type filter press plate and frame filter press. The requirements for different devices are different. For example, in the process of dehydration, the centrifuge will have a strong shear effect on the flocculation, so the shear resistance of the flocculant is good. In addition, polyacrylamide in the oil exploitation, paper industry, as well as mining, metallurgy, coal, high water absorption resin, adhesives, leather tanning agent, etc.