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Application of nonionic polyacrylamide in coal washing and dressing industry
2015-01-31 07:43:51
Nonionic polyacrylamide series product is through a special process for synthesis of acrylamide homopolymerization and, by degrees, low ion linear water having a high molecular weight water-soluble polymer. Because of its special groups,and endow it with flocculation, dispersion, thickening, adhesion, film, gel, stable colloidal role.
There is extensive application in coal dressing, anionic polyacrylamide is most commonly used, it can promote the effective solids quick subsidence, destruction of double charge structure of slime water stability, so that the suspension of slime particle coagulation, to clarify the recycling of coal slurry.
In the application of polyacrylamide type selection, coal washery coal slime settling, also has many applications to non ion polyacrylamide or cationic polyacrylamide, can according to different geological causes of slime.
The slime complex composition, different mineral with charge and surface adsorption capacity of different washing peat water difficult to deal with, often on the front need to add coagulant, the most common is polymeric aluminum chloride, polymeric ferric sulfate etc.
For efficient processing of waste water according to the need of optimization of slime, coal slurry, coal slurry concentration and hardness of the grain size and other conditions. Selection of suitable flocculant products, in the polyacrylamide solution used to be noticed in the process of polyacrylamide solution in the peat water fully dispersed, hand cannot stir speed too fast, so as to avoid floc was damaged; on the other hand, attention should be paid to polyacrylamide solution and slurry mixing uniformity, so that the coal slurry surface contact polyacrylamide solution more fully, the charge matching degree is better, is conducive to the flocculation separation.
Separation of coal and iron, in addition to outside, manganese, copper, gold, zinc and so on, these mine wastewater general acidic state, generally by using neutralization method for treating this kind of wastewater, adjusting the pH value, the most commonly used limestone and lime to do adjustment agent.
For example, in the iron ore wastewater is treated by neutralization after processing, the main component of wastewater sludge ferric hydroxide Fe (oH) 3 and Ca (OH) 2 colloidal calcium hydroxide and colloid, Fe (OH) 2 ferrous hydroxide particles, and other ion. Use of cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) treatment of iron sludge dewatering, can achieve very good results.
From some common case we discover not hard. There are two aspects in the mineral processing application
One, commonly used in Concentrate Dewatering, accelerated frame sludge settling, purification of backwater, the thickener efficiency.
Two, for fine mineral slurry take selective flocculation, changing the surface properties to mineral particles to increase the appropriate particle size, so the flocculation precipitation, help with the gangue separation.