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Application of high efficiency cationic polyacrylamide in sludge dewatering process
2015-06-01 13:25:18
In view of China's sewage treatment plant the exists generally high energy consumption and low efficiency problem and to stabilize the effluent standards as constraints, to energy efficiency as the goal, from technology, equipment, control and management in four aspects of research and development and application of the suitable our domestic status of sludge in dehydration process energy efficiency operation optimization and to a domestic sewage treatment plant as the demonstration site, with its advantages of price has been application manufacturers alike.
Flocculation is through the organic polymer flocculant on suspension (or colloidal) fine particles in charge neutralization and adsorption bridging the steady removal, organic polymer flocculant must has high molecular weight and linear structure and moderate charge density, its molecular structure and ionic form, intensity and distribution, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution and branching degree will influence the flocculation effect, in view of the characteristics of a given suspension synthesize the exact structure of flocculant, flocculant product formed a series. Urban sewage treatment plant sludge dewatering conditioning treatment is an important aspect of the application of organic polymer flocculant, sludge is divided into raw sludge (primary settling sludge and excess sludge) and digested sludge, should be based on the types and characteristics of sludge organic polymer flocculant. Sludge VSS / SS (SS organic matter ratio) higher should try to choose a high degree of cationic flocculant, and increase the dosage of flocculant; sludge SS concentration is high, should choose high molecular weight flocculant. The SS concentration is low, selection of low molecular weight flocculants; sludge pH is high (digested sludge) should be selected functional groups for the structure of quaternary ammonium salt flocculant, pH is low, the structure of tertiary amine and quaternary ammonium salt flocculant can be used. Sludge dewatering process add water treatment products is an important part of, with sewage treatment enterprises device can achieve a multiplier effect. But the development of water treatment products industry in China started late. Product development and improvement is an important part of the process of energy saving and efficiency optimization of sludge dewatering process.. Dongying Nuoer chemical limited liability company in the domestic market products molecular weight low, cationic interval small as the research subject, on its own R & D production of high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide and molecular weight reached more than 12 million and cationic degree is 5% - 80%, and in the chain structure has been adjusted, with the domestic similar products compared with dissolved quickly, strong floc, shear, on the tiny fiber and small particles flapping catch is strong wait for an advantage, technology has reached the domestic production of polymer industry leading level, can completely substitute the foreign advanced products, the price is higher.