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Anionic polyacrylamide used in Coal Washing
2015-03-24 10:35:02

The anionic polyacrylamide(APAM) could be used in the applications involving in the mining industry, the ore dressing industry and the metallurgy industry etc. By using the anionic polyacrylamide product, it could promote the efficiency of the flocculating process and the sedimentation process of the active solid particles in the water, or, to speed up the concentration process of the fine particles, thus, to improve the effects of the separation of the solids from the liquid, that will reduce the lose of the tailing and reduce the environmental pollution, and that will lower down the production cost etc.


The coal floats in the upper part of the water while the impurities sink to the bottom. The treated coal will be sorted again to get the final product. In the above process, there produces some powdery clean coal, which needs further treatment to recycle. Floating method is usually applied to this process, and by adding some floating reagent to improve the separating efficiency. The clean coal floats and the tailings settle, then by sedimentation, filtration and centrifugation to recycle the clean coal. We use the flocculants in the sedimentation to accelerate the solid-liquid separation. The powdery clean coal is recycled after the filtration and centrifugation, and during this process, by adding some flocculants again can improve the separation efficiency. 


In the gold and silver mining process

After the mineral ore is crushed and screened, it will be ground more in the grinding machine with the water and the calcareousness which will be added in the grinding machine along with the mineral ore, and then afterwards the mineral ore will be put into the thickener for the sedimentation process. In this stage, the anionic polyacrylamideproducts could be added and used to promote the efficient deposit of the solid particles, at the same time on the bottom of the grinding machine, there are a series of filter cells to get them be filtered. The anionic polyacrylamide flocculant will be added into the thickener before the filtering process.