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An overview of nonionic polyacrylamide products
2014-11-15 14:33:19


First, nonionic polyacrylamide is water-soluble polymer or polyelectrolyte. Due to its molecular chain contains a certain number of polar groups, it can through the adsorption of solid particles suspended in water, make the bridge between particles or by charge neutralization condensed to form large floc particles. So, it can accelerate the particles in the slurry settlement, there is a very significant to speed up the solution to clarify, promote such as filtering effect. Mainly used for all kinds of industrial waste water flocculation sink down, precipitation clarification process. Such as paper and pulp wastewater treatment, wastewater processing and metal smelting process of wastewater treatment, steel and stone processing plant waste water treatment, etc.

Second, the paper makingindustryusing nonionic polyacrylamide

With the continuous development of papermaking industry, in order to prevent water pollution, the paper making industry must be closed water circulation. Therefore, the most economic way is to use efficient paper filter aid. In many water treatment chemicals, via our alignment, experiment and analysis, found that nonionic polyacrylamide paper leaching effect is best.

Nonionic polyacrylamide in paper industry is used as paper dry strength agents, retention agent, filter aid, can greatly improve the quality of the paper, save costs increase the production capacity of paper industry. Can be directly with inorganic salt ions, fiber, and other organic polymer in electrostatic bridge role to enhance the physical strength of paper. Retention and filtration aid can significantly increase the fines and packing, and keep the rate of the rubber, to speed up the paper material in paper machine net filter water, writing system can be reduced by water pollution load at the same time, keep the blanket clean, make the machine run properly. Above is used in the papermaking process the effect of nonionic polyacrylamide.

Nonionic polyacrylamide as paper filter aid when using the principle of the following:

One, nonionic polyacrylamide is solid powder, before use, to dissolve, to use again. Dissolve after dissolving effect is better.

Two, dissolving need to dissolve with water, preferably running water, do not use water. Because, general water suitable for preparation of polymer solution. Strong acid, strong alkali, and high salt water is not fit to preparation.

Three, it is good to dissolve the water temperature is normal. The water temperature is less than 5 ℃ is dissolved slowly. Over 40 ℃ temperature increase the dissolution rate is accelerated, but can make the polymer to speed up the degradation, affect the use effect.

Four,the concentration of the configuration.Paper with the mixture of nonionic polyacrylamide solution concentration is about 0.3%, which is about a ton of waste water in 3 g.

Five, the configuration of the specific solution concentration and according to the pollution concentration of aqueous solution of pending to change. This may be appropriately adjusted according to situation.

Six,now with chef, adequate preparation. Avoid the waste of drugs and expired

Seven, do not use the iron container contact nonionic polyacrylamide, avoid drug prescription.