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Advantage and Application of Our Super Absorbent Polymer
2014-12-16 09:00:51

Super Absorbent Polymer is a water-swollen high molecular polymer containing strong hydrophilic plymer groups, such as carboxyl and so on and certain degree of cross linking. It does not dissolve in water or organic solvent. With unique water absorbency and wtaer retention, SAP possessed all the advantages of high molecular materials.



1. Higher efficiency to absorbency.

2. Superior suction power to absorb liquid.

3. Higher gel strength.

4. Hardly releases the water absorbed even pressured in some measure.

5. Almost no toxicity.

6. Excellent stability under heat and light.

7. Not dissolve in water and almost all of solvents.



1. Disposable diapers, incontinent underpads and other nonwoven products.

2. Water holding agent for agricultural/horticultural application

3. Industrial dewatering agent

      -. Water absorptive rubber

      -. Plastic blending

      -. Electric cable wrap etc.

4. Water-proof packing/drying.

5. Dew inhibiting agent for wall and ceiling board materials.

6. Alkali battery

7. Deodorant

8. Ice / Hot pack

9. Controlled release agent for air freshener.

10. Lubricant for building. etc.



Release K+ to the roots, which is necessary ion of plant growth!


 Water retention and Drought control. When the SAP absorb enough water, even if it doesn't rain for one month and there is no watering, the crop can also grow normally.


Protect fertilizer efficiency.   SAP can store the fertilizer that is melt in water, and then supply the fertilizer to the crop root slowly. This can reduce the wastage and increase the efficiency. 


Soil improvement.SAPis a kind of organic compound. It turns to be gelatinous

after absorbing water, which is very easy to make the soil granule and make the soil more loosen.


Promote crop growth, raise emergence rate and the survival rate. Using SAP can increase seeding transplant survival rate 10-30%, mature trees transplant survival rate above 50%.


Commercial Uses

  • Turf grass moisture control
  • Pre-planting of crops, soil conditioner
  • Performs as “mini-tanks” in agriculture.
  • Agro-forestry application
  • Improve soil structure
  • Increase output & profit
  • Water save up to 50%

Residential Uses

  • Improving soil composition before planting
  • Lawn maintenance


Why you need Agriculture Grade SAP ?

-Improves seed germination and emergence to give plants an early, health start.
-Save the irrigation, increase crops and fruit yield.
-Release the fertilizer efficiency slowly
-It contains Potassium, Phosphorus Nitrogen.


what notices should be made when use SAP--super absorbent polymer? 

1, SAP can’t create water; need foreign water when using; 

2, SAP can use with mixing all kinds of any fertilizer and most of the pesticide; 

3, SAP can't use in surface; 

4, waterlogged lowland cannot use absorbent agent, because it is easy to appear water roots rotted due to the bad breathability. 

5, pay attention to the moisture-proof, put in dry place avoid light preservation.



Firstly, We are reliable factory, we never short of stock, keep to supply goods stable with high quality, most of clients satisfy our goods, zero customer return.

Secondly, our packaging can adapt to your requirements.25kgs is general packing. 

Thirdly, timely Information’s sharing and more than 8 years of chemical business experience for your purchase decision supporting.   

Fourthly, flexible payment terms include L/C, 30% T/T, 50% T/T and so on. 

Fifthly, we have passed ISO9001:2008, Our exporting goods based on high qualiy.

Sixthly, our SAP can absorb and release water for about 5 times. It will degrade slowly, because it is with microelement so it will improve soil.