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nonionic polyacrylamide in coal washing
2015-02-25 09:12:23

  The NonionicPolyacrylamide for The Beverage Factory

  After analyzing the waste water from the beverage factory, it figures out that this type of waste water from the beverage factory is of acidic characteristics, since it contains plenty of the pulp, the protein and the phenolic compound etc.

  The natural setting or the direct discharging of such waste water will result in the water deterioration and the odour, therefore, the Nonionic Polyacrylamide is the best choice to be added in the treatment of such type of waste water working as the flocculating agent.

  The Nonionic Polyacrylamide can efficiently remove all sorts of organic compounds from the acidic waste water from the beverage factory, it can help to form the floccule quicker and deposit it naturally. The upper clarified water could be released, the sludge in the bottom of the sedimentation basin could be dewatered by using the cationic Polyacrylamide, the mud cake could be used as the feed additives or the fertilizer additives etc.

  The Nonionnic Polyacrylamide for the Acidic Waste Water

  Separation of coal and iron, in addition to outside, manganese, copper, gold, zinc and so on, these mine wastewater general acidic state, generally by using neutralization method for treating this kind of wastewater, adjusting the pH value, the most commonly used limestone and lime to do adjustment agent.

  In order to efficiently processing of coal waste water according to the need of optimization, coal slurry, coal slurry concentration and hardness of the grain size and other conditions. Selection of suitable flocculant products, in the polyacrylamide solution used to be noticed in the process of polyacrylamide solution in the peat water fully dispersed, hand cannot stir speed too fast, so as to avoid floc was damaged; on the other hand, attention should be paid to polyacrylamide solution and slurry mixing uniformity, so that the coal slurry surface contact polyacrylamide solution more fully, the charge matching degree is better, is conducive to the flocculation separation.

  The Nonionic Polyacrylamide for the Paper Making Factory


  Nowadays, along with the development of the paper making industry, the water system closure is strongly required in the paper making industry, in order to prevent the water being polluted. Therefore, the most economic way is to use the high efficient paper filter aid. After the comparing, the experimenting and the analyzing, it figures out that the Nonionic Polyacrylamide has the best paper filtering effect among all other different water treatment chemicals available.