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Polydadmac of Nalco 8185 can be replaced by Chinafloc DADMAC
2021-09-17 08:57:03

Polydadmac of Nalco 8185 can be replaced by Chinafloc DADMAC


PolyDADMAC, or polydiallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, is a kind of chemical.

Polydiallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride

English full name: Poly Diallyl dimethyl Ammonium chloride

Abbreviation: PolyDADMAC,PDADMAC

2-propene-1-aminium,N,N-dimethyl- N-propenyl-chloride homopolymer

Polydimethyldiallyl ammonium chloride; PolyDMDAAC; PDMDAAC. PDADMAC

CAS no. : 26062-79-3

Molecular formula :(C8H16NCl)n

Figure 1. PolyDADMAC structure

Figure 1. PolyDADMAC structure

Structural formula: see Figure 1



This product is a strong cationic polyelectrolyte, the appearance is colorless to light yellow viscous liquid. Safe, non-toxic, soluble in water, non-flammable, strong cohesion, good stability of hydrolysis, not gel, not sensitive to pH change, chlorine resistance. The freezing point is about -2.8℃, the specific gravity is about 1.04g/cm, and the decomposition temperature is 280-300℃.


Application field:

In sewage treatment, mining and mineral processing process as cationic flocculant, coagulant; In the textile industry as a non-aldehyde fixing agent; In papermaking process, it is used as anionic waste capture agent and AKD curing accelerator. It is used as drilling clay stabilizer and acid fracturing cationic modifier in water injection in oil field industry. In addition, also used as a regulator, antistatic agent, humidifying agent, shampoo and skin care with emollient.


Packaging and Storage:

Using PE plastic bucket 125kg.

Sealed packaging, sealed preservation, avoid contact with strong oxidant. Valid for two years, can be transported as non-dangerous goods.



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(2) There is no fixed mode of application technology, and customers should try to apply it according to their own process and equipment conditions.

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