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What is nonionic flocculant?what is the application?
2015-03-26 09:36:05

What is nonionic flocculant?what is the application?


Non ion flocculant, NPAM for short, it is the linear polymer, the molecular weight is between 500-1200 million, the appearance of solid product is white powder, liquid is colorless viscous colloidal, soluble in water, hardly soluble in organic solvents. It  should be dissolved at normal temperature, it easily decompose if the temperature is above 150 ℃. Belonge to Non-dangerous, non-toxic, non corrosive. Solid state PAM are hygroscopic, flocculation, adhesion, resistance reduction, thickening, and good stability.

Due to the nonionic  flocculant  is without ionic functional groups, so the PH  value and salt have a little influence to  the aflocculation performance, under acidic conditions, flocculation effect is better than anionic flocculant, the  floc strength is stronger than anionic flocculant.

Application areas:

1,mainly used for solid-liquid seperation precess,including sedimentation,clarification,thickening,concentrationand sludge dewatering.application lines:municipal sewage,papermaking industry,food processing industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, mineral processing industry, dyeing wastewater treatment and sugar industry and various industrial wastewater treatment. If the Sewage shows  acidic, we often use nonionic  polyacrylamide with polyaluminium chloride and other inorganic flocculants , with fast settlement speed and good treatment effect. 

2, in the paper industry can be used for paper dry strength agent, retention agent, filter aid.

3, Used in the fiber slurry (asbestos cement products) and insulating board.

4.Used for clarify agent for mine wastewater and coal washing wastewater in  mining and coal industry. In the Centrifugalseparation of tailings washing ,the sedimentation and filtration process of coal slime , nonionic polyacrylamide can increase coal recovery rate and filtration velocity. In metal smelting process, it can improve the separation efficiency

adding non-ionic polyacrylamide NPAM in the Leachateand residue after flotation and smelting.

5, for the treatment of dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, oily wastewater.

6, in phosphoric acid purification, it can helps to seperate gypsum in wet phosphoric acid process.

7, for the water treatment flocculant  of  tap water factory

8, the textile industry additives

For textile sizing, it can improve the slurry adhesion effect , penetration effect and desizing performance if adding  some chemical pulp mixed by nonionic polyacrylamide and  other agent,  improving antistatic performance, reducing mortar fleck, reducing sizing rate.

9, chemical grouting agent

In the construction industry, especially in the construction process of  high strength building for the dam, foundation, tunnel lamp, we often use nonionic polyacrylamide (95%) with methylene bis acrylamide solution (5%) as chemical grouting agent, it can plays the role of strengthening coagulation effect.

10, soil water-keeping agent

Non ionic polyacrylamide can plays a water-keeping agent  in soil water sand, green hill, the sand solidification dust and other fields

11, oil plugging agent

The non ion polyacrylamide can be used as oil plugging agent mixed with lignocellulose with adding some other chemical additives.